Definitions include: the anus.

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Definitions include: the man who a cheating spouse watch on the side.Definitions include: horrendous diarrhea.Definitions include: the paris (zipper) ~ above one's pants.Definitions include: in private.Definitions include: come be at the peak (blowing up) that one's "roll" ~ above ecstasy (MDMA).Definitions include: to gain rid of before entering a venue.Definitions include: view barn door.Definitions include: begin working in a agency at a short level, hoping to development from there.Definitions include: to do an initial small step towards obtaining entrance to something (a job, a university, a relationship.)Definitions include: emotion the advice to have a bowel movement.Definitions include: problem is coming.Definitions include: a person's paris is open.Definitions include: thing supplied via compare to define something that smells very bad.Definitions include: view barn door.(show 1 morehide)

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Definitions include: acronym for "butt in front".Definitions include: This describes a comical method to say the someone plans come drink till they role like a mind surgery patient.Definitions include: to pretend come be someone else.Definitions include: childish name for the woman genitalia.Definitions include: the fatty area listed below the stomach and above the genitalia.Definitions include: learning that you're wrong, however won't admit it because you're as well proud.Definitions include: A lady's personal parts.Definitions include: come be off the prior in bicycle racing way that you have jumped front of the main fill of riders.Definitions include: a priority.

Other state relating come "shut":

Definitions include: "Provide proof or STFU", i.e. "Provide proof or close up door the crap up", i.e. "Provide evidence or protect against talking."Definitions include: prevent talking and act.Definitions include: Dissed.Definitions include: sleep.Definitions include: to avoid talking.Definitions include: to stop talking.Definitions include: watch barn door.Definitions include: to protect against talking.Definitions include: to stop talking; "shut up".Definitions include: come shut one's hole, i.e. Mouth.Definitions include: to prevent talking.Definitions include: to shut one's pie hole, i.e. To shut one's mouth, i.e. To avoid talking; "shut up".Definitions include: close up door up v "the fuck" infix intensifier.Definitions include: come shut up, i.e. Prevent talking.Definitions include: to stop talking.(show 3 morehide)

Other state relating come "the":

Definitions include: the real info or the proof, instruction, the understand how, where, when, and why around something or someone.Definitions include: walking, typically as protest to driving.Definitions include: interrogation.Definitions include: very intoxicatedDefinitions include: information.Definitions include: something you have now is worth more than two points you have just a chance of getting.Definitions include: a great estimate.Definitions include: a mystery advantage.Definitions include: inclusive.Definitions include: to make a poor situation worse.Definitions include: with the amount of time left to finish a task swiftly disappearing.Definitions include: having an opinion or id prior to it ending up being common or popular.Definitions include: of a male, come urinate.

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Definitions include: Someone gift butthurt over having something, they do to rather regularly, done to the themDefinitions include: mystery sexual activity with a person other than one's partner.(show 1409 morehide)