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Roger"s an interesting character, whom Golding supplies to stand for (in a fairly unequivocal way) the "darkness that man"s heart" i m sorry the novel is for this reason interested in.

When an initial introduced, he"s significant out together a "dark" figure from the word go:

There was a slight, furtive boy whom no one...

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Roger"s an interesting character, whom Golding offers to stand for (in a fairly unequivocal way) the "darkness that man"s heart" i beg your pardon the novel is so interested in.

When first introduced, he"s marked out together a "dark" figure from the word go:

There was a slight, furtive boy whom no one knew, who preserved to himself v an inside intensity that avoidance and also secrecy. That muttered that his surname was Roger and also was silent again.

What "secret" does i get it hold? that inside, he"s acquired a sadistic desire to reason pain to the other boys. The next key moment comes when Roger is cram stones in ~ the littlun Henry, hiding behind a tree:

Yet there to be a an are round Henry, maybe six yards in diameter, into which he dare no throw. Here, invisible yet strong, to be the taboo the the old life. Ring the squatting kid was the security of parents and also school and policemen and also the law. Roger’s arm was conditioned by a civilization that knew nothing of him and was in ruins.

Roger, at the start of the novel, is still conditioned through the rules and civilisation the the exterior world. However as the novel goes on, his sadism - his enjoyment of leading to pain - becomes much more and much more clear. This is indigenous the killing of the sow:

Roger ran round the heap, prodding v his spear whenever pigflesh appeared. Jack to be on peak of the sow, stabbing downward v his knife. Roger discovered a lodgment because that his allude and started to push till he was leaning with his totality weight. The spear moved forward customs by inch and also the terrified squealing became a highpitched scream.

Roger"s spear, us later find out, has gone "right up her ass". It"s a brutal act: and it"s echoed later on in his killing of Piggy (when that leans top top the lever and tips the rock through "delirious abandonment") and his eventual duty as Jack"s chief torturer (Samneric explain him as a "terror").

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What"s the vital of Roger? the is a manifestation the the "blackness within". The enjoys bring about pain, he is cruel, he tortures the other boys, he is sadistic. That is exactly the type of human who civilisation requirements to exist in order come restrain.