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By Dan Gilmore - Editor-in-Chief
- Nov. 14, 2014 -

Supply Chain News: command Times, Out-of-Stocks and also Inventory

Well, I can go in ~ this pillar a pair of various ways. My attempt is to attach lead-time variability, out-of-stocks, inventory performance and more.

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I have actually been chasing this for awhile now, beginning with my pursuit last year for a Unified concept of Out-of-Stocks - a mission definitely not yet complete. The term OOS commonly is supplied in a sleeve context, though everyone has out-of-stock/service issues of one kind or another. Yet I am going to focus on the retail range here. The topic has actually been lot studied in a feeling in the retail sector, despite the emphasis of the most well-known studies have actually primarily been regarded grocery/mass merchants and also the consumer packaged items sector.

Gilmore Says:

If you deserve to quantify lead time variability, you have the right to make an ext intelligent sourcing decisions, and also if you have the right to reduce that variability, you have the right to lower inventories and keep the same organization levels.

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And that is just one of the huge issues below - the out-of-stock difficulty varies in many elements - consisting of the amount of shed sales - depending on what sleeve sector and also product categories you space in. Not having a provided size that a $50 pair that pants has a lot much more financial influence than being temporarily out of a specific kind of box soup. and also the factors causing OOs room myriad and complex - which of food is why the problems persist. end the last pair of years, Walmart"s former head the US keep operations Bill Simon was rather famously heard complaining at store managers meetings about the OOS trouble at the retail giant, speak one time there to be an possibility to increase revenues several billion dollars yearly from improving the OOS problem. before that, he had said (paraphrasing): "We can"t store our shelves stocked and also it"s acquiring worse." Walmart was stated to have produced an executive level position and filled it with an outsider simply to handle the OOS challenge. All this was most likely a element in Simon"s departure. components impacting OOS incorporate ordering patterns, volatile demand, safety and security stock and service policies, the afflict of dealing with slow movers, in-store inventory accuracy, in-store logistics, absence of visibility - and vendor performance. that is that last one I have actually been looking at of late. While a the majority of the study has faced in-store execution issue, i feel prefer the vendor side of points - in regards to lead times and fill rates - has not been well enough examined. critical year, the head of supply chain planning for a major US grocery store chain walk a presentation on the combined inventory planning and execution procedure and devices the chain to be rolling out - among the most substantial efforts and also visions I have actually seen.

At the end of the presentation, someone in the audience inquiry him: for this reason where space the threats given this good program? there is no batting one eye, he shot back: "Vendor performance." In various other words, in the extremely leaned out, technology-driven brand-new approach, the greatest risk currently became vendor variability, not inner performance. of course, variability was among Art Mesher"s "3 Vs of it is provided Chain," explained in one of if no the most famed analyst research notes of every time ago in the late 1990s. That is the bane of lean supply chain performance, and accounts for every sorts of woes. In consumer goods come retail, you have actually two primary areas of potential merchant variability: lead time and also fill rates. Those 2 metrics are important both in pure terms (ho w long is the lead time and what is the to fill rate), but even an ext so v regard come variability, since mediocre but consistent vendor performance might be encountered in other ways. It"s why "slow steaming" in the s container shipping sector on its own is not such a large problem - slow yet consistent. i have also come come this basic but vital realization (perhaps gift the last to know):

For brief lead-time it is provided chains, it is fill price that matters - command time variability is typically low

For lengthy lead time it is provided chains, it is lead time variability that matters more, and also in fact the command time variability regularly is resulted in by vendors working later to fill the stimulate completely. this aren"t universal statements, yet largely accurate I believe.

One thing that has amazed me and also many others also over the past few years is how little information almost all providers have around lead time variability. Chris Caplice and MIT had actually a evil one of a time a couple of years back getting data from simply a few companies on their lead times and also variance because that a examine on containers shipments into the US, as simply one of plenty of examples I have heard in the scholastic realm. also a couple of year ago, i was in ~ a tiny conference wherein an international logistics manager for a very big retailer usually said, they had tiny or no info on lead time variability. Merchants/buyers were given lead time varieties for specific vendor-DC combos - say 24-26 work - i beg your pardon they used as a guide for once to ar POs. yet of course, together a selection does not take into consideration variability. So either you disregard it, and also risk out-of-stocks, or girlfriend qualitatively recognize it, and order external the state range - probably 30 or 35 days - to protect against the variances indigenous the average. but if you can quantify command time variability, you deserve to make an ext intelligent sourcing decisions, and also if you can reduce that variability, you can lower inventories and keep the same business levels. top top the manufacturing side, together lead time variance is often addressed v "six sigma" type programs, and also possibly supplier segment strategies. on the consumer goods to sleeve side, that is generally….less structured. The score of reducing lead time (and to fill rate) variance simply isn"t as pressing. Maybe it is due to the fact that it is difficult to quantify the opportunity. top top a videocast critical year, Mark Krupnik of sleeve technology merchant Retalon demonstrated utilizing actual data exactly how a $3 exchange rate dollar specialty retailer had actually the chance to reduce its current inventory levels by $150-300 million, based upon reductions in lead time and also fill rate variability it had already completed working v Compliance Networks on merchant management, however had no yet yes, really acted on native an list perspective. i then acquired the bright idea that beyond just this one-off analysis, us should create a device that enables retailers and also manufacturers to watch for us what the impact can be. and thus, the new "Lead-Time Variability and Inventory Calculator" was born and released by here today. You get in in some an easy data around lead times, variance, on-hand inventory, etc., and also it comes back and calculates exactly how much inventory can potentially be decreased (if the right steps are taken) if lead time variance is lessened by increments of 10 come 50%.

Screen record of page 1 that the calculator is below:

Lead-Time and Inventory Calculator display screen Shot


It is a fun tool, and also shows the potential over there is both to reduce seller variability v proactive management and also what that deserve to be precious in terms of inventory reduction. The is interesting to do some "what iffing" work.

We arrangement to have actually a companion fill rate version that the tool in Q1, and might tackle additionally the influence on shed sales sometime in 2015.

One much more step in the OOS quest. Calculator have the right to be found here.

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We spanned a lot of ground here - any type of thoughts ~ above Gilmore"s perspectives - or the calculator? allow us understand your thoughts at the Feedback switch (email) or section (web form) below.