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October 28, 2021

Show 1278: assessing the Benefits and Risks of medical Breakthroughs

October 28, 2021 • everyone gets excited about the idea of clinical breakthroughs. Fewer of us, if we space honest, room anxious to be the very first one to benefit. After all, if you are the first, you recognize nothing about the potential harms, and neither does the human offering friend the experience. Medical invention is have to fraught v uncertainty. How have the right to we evaluate the benefits and risks of medical breakthroughs? taking a gamble on Health: Dr. Paul Offit is a pediatrician and also an professional on vaccines. His new book, friend Bet her Life: indigenous Blood Transfusions come Mass Vaccination, the Long and also Risky background of medical Innovation, explores the links in between innovation and also previously unrecognized risk. Us asked him around the an extremely different public attitudes towards the polio vaccine in the 1950s and also the COVID vaccines now. Can a reluctance to gamble on our health define vaccine hesitancy? how will parent weigh the potential benefits and also risks the COVID-19 vaccines for their children? Assessing Benefits and Risks of medical Breakthroughs: many of us have a difficult time analyzing risk. Us may understand that driving a automobile is dangerous, yet most of us don"t concern much around it. The emotion of being in manage helps united state overlook the possibility of coming to harm. When you don"t feel in control, even something that is objectively much safer might seem scary. Loved one vs. Absolute Risk: when they write or talk about medical innovations, journalists favor to use loved one risk. So carry out pharmaceutical companies, since the family member risk numbers room much much more impressive. Because that example, the firm marketing Lipitor supplied to advertise that this cholesterol-lowering drug can reduce the threat of heart assaults by 36 percent. What walk that relative risk mean? "That way in a large clinical study, 3 percent that patients acquisition a street pill or placebo had actually a heart attack compared come 2 percent that patients taking Lipitor." The relative risk of 36 percent is a whole lot an ext eye-catching 보다 the pure risk distinction of 1 percent. You have the right to see this in the discussions of COVID-19 vaccines, because that example, when we say that they room 90 or 95 percent effective. The is a loved one risk reduction. Absolute risk reduction is far much more modest, in the selection of about 1 percent (The Lancet Microbe, April 20,2021). Why space these differentiate important? To know who will benefit from a clinical innovation and also how much, friend really must look at both relative and also absolute risk. Dr. Offit defines how the Vaccines and also Related organic Products Advisory Committee evaluate benefits and risks that the COVID-19 vaccines because that the FDA. In addition, we discuss how a parent could weigh the decision of even if it is or no to vaccinate a child versus SARS-CoV-2. Expecting Reversals in Benefits and also Risks of clinical Breakthroughs: In the procedure of clinical innovation, the scientists doing the research continually learn new things around the benefits and also risks of their intervention. That is why we should actually expect transforms in recommendations. Maybe these have to be readily available with a bit an ext humility than we heard indigenous the CDC or the that at the start of the pandemic. Ago then, castle insisted that us did not need to wear masks yet we did should douse our groceries in bleach solution. Maybe they were offering the best advice lock had based upon prior epidemics, but it rotate out not to be helpful versus COVID-19. In summing increase the post of you Bet her Life, Dr. Offit points out that every little thing we perform is a gamble, yet so room the points we don"t do. To make health and wellness decisions rationally, we have to acquire the info we have to evaluate the benefits and also risks of clinical breakthroughs in our very own lives. This Week"s Guest: Paul A. Offit, MD is the manager of the Vaccine Education facility at the Children"s Hospital that Philadelphia and the Maurice R. Hilleman Professor that Vaccinology and also a Professor that Pediatrics in ~ the Perelman college of medication at the university of Pennsylvania. He offer on the Vaccines and Related organic Products Advisory Committee of the FDA. Dr. Offit is the writer of numerous books, including his most recent, you Bet your Life: indigenous Blood Transfusions come Mass Vaccination, the Long and Risky history of medical Innovation. His website is listen to the Podcast: The podcast that this routine will be obtainable Monday, Nov. 1, 2021, after broadcast on October 30. You have the right to stream the show from this site and also download the podcast for free. Download the mp3

display 1278: assessing the Benefits and also Risks of clinical Breakthroughs
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October 21, 2021

Show 1277: Why ours Healthcare prices Are therefore High

display 1277: Why our Healthcare prices Are therefore High
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October 14, 2021

Show 1276: how to Make far better Choices around Your Health

October 14, 2021 • exactly how do you decide what you must do in a health crisis? end the past year and also a half, many human being have faced this problem. Perform you go to the hospital for treatment in the midst of a pandemic? What medicines or supplements could be helpful and also which are more likely to it is in harmful? we look at how to make better choices around your health. Weighing Benefits and Risks: To make a decision you feel confident in, you have to feel you understand the benefits and also the risks. Where carry out you revolve to learn around the pros and also cons? In such a situation, the is extremely useful to work with a health treatment provider you deserve to trust. How do providers and also patients construct trust together? How essential is a personal connection? Will shared Decision Making assist You Make far better Choices? The model of shared decision making calls for both providers and also patients to take into consideration all the components together. In many cases, the doctor knows far an ext about the condition and also its potential therapies than the patient. They need to share that information. Top top the various other hand, the patient has much much more intimate expertise of just how his or she body reacts. In addition, they understand what they value most and also what can be less important to them. Sometimes, a encouraged patient will certainly dig right into the clinical literature and also find vital evidence the the provider did not have. For common decision make to be effective, though, both sides should share. Our guest"s daughter review up on she symptoms and also found a plausible resource of her discomfort, however the neurologist she consulted was no willing to expropriate that a young woman might find anything beneficial on the Internet. Make far better Choices in the light of an altering Information: Generally, scientists recognize that scientific evidence changes. V data, recommendations change. Learning that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 diffusion by aerosol helps describe why the reference shifted from "no masks for the public" to "masks indoors." Finding out that eating eggs doesn"t actually increase the danger of heart assaults can assist shape brand-new guidelines for healthy and balanced eating. Maintaining up through the data the shape skilled opinion deserve to be helpful, however it is absolutely a an obstacle Health proficiency and much better Choices: Medical evidence is frequently presented in files that can be hard to parse. Not just is the language difficult, but the use of statistics might be challenging to understand. Knowledge the difference in between relative and also absolute danger is important, however most of united state didn"t learn it in school. That"s why presenting dangers in a "so countless per 1000" layout may be less complicated to grasp and aid us make much better health choices. This Week"s Guest: Dr. Talya Miron-Shatz is a keynote, consultant, researcher and also author in ~ the intersection of medicine and also behavioral economics. She is full professor of service at Ono academic College in Israel, senior fellow in ~ the facility for medication in the general public Interest in new York, and a visiting researcher at the Winton Centre because that Risk and also Evidence interaction at the college of Cambridge. Dr. Miron-Shatz to be a post-doctoral researcher in ~ Princeton University and also a lecturer at Wharton, the university of Pennsylvania. She has written over 60 scholastic papers on clinical decision making. Dr. Miron-Shatz is CEO that CureMyWay, an international health consulting firm whose clients incorporate Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Samsung. She is the writer of her Life depends on It: What You deserve to Do to Make much better Choices about Your Health. She website is Linkedin: Twitter:
TalyaMironShatz The picture of Dr. Miron-Shatz is by Eyal Tueg. Listen to the Podcast: The podcast of this regime will be accessible Monday, Oct. 18, 2021, after transfer on October 16. You can stream the show from this site and also download the podcast because that free.

show 1276: just how to Make better Choices about Your health and wellness
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October 7, 2021

Show 1275: The Vicious bicycle of COVID and also Diabetes

October 7, 2021 • There room at the very least two pandemics raging v the world at this time. The an initial is obesity. The 2nd is, of course, COVID-19. Diabetes sits uncomfortably at your intersection. In a vicious cycle, diabetes provides COVID-19 infections more likely and an ext dangerous. Meanwhile, COVID-19 can create diabetes or do it worse. There"s a similar feedback loop between obesity and also diabetes. Kind 1 and type 2 Diabetes: In the many common form of diabetes, kind 2, human body tissues construct resistance to insulin and end up having actually trouble using glucose. In kind 1 diabetes, the beta cells of the pancreas prevent making insulin completely. As a consequence, no one of the body"s cells deserve to utilize glucose unless the human is able come inject the suitable amount of insulin in ~ the exactly intervals. We normally think of type 2 diabetes as sensitive to changes in the environment, due to the fact that it is very closely linked to weight problems as a hazard factor. However, viral infections deserve to trigger kind 1 diabetes. Consequently, the pandemic is likewise contributing to rise in form 1 diabetes. The Vicious bicycle of Diabetes and also Inflammation: world with diabetes start with greater levels the inflammation in their bodies. Once the immune device fights infection, it produces inflammation compounds referred to as cytokines. That explains why individuals who currently have high level of these compounds can be more vulnerable to a cytokine storm as an expression of serious COVID-19. Unquestionably the ideal treatment for this complication is systemic steroid treatment. However, steroids, particularly in high doses, progressive blood sugar and also make diabetes lot harder to control. Obesity and Metabolism and also Another Vicious Cycle: The normal explanation for obesity is that world consume more calories than they expend–they eat also much and move as well little. However, this simple energy balance paradigm is now being wondered about by part nutrition researchers. They imply that food quality may be even an ext important 보다 food quantity. In particular, when world eat highly-processed easily digested foods high in sugar and also refined grains, your bodies respond through insulin that quickly adds energy to the fat cells and may leave various other body organization wanting. As a consequence, world may feel hungry too shortly after eating and also consume more snack foods, keeping the vicious bike rolling. Ours guest, Dr. Mitchell Lazar, defines how he counsels his patients with diabetes come eat. In addition, the extolls the benefits of continuous glucose security to aid people determine exactly how your food choices change their blood sugar. How Does Circadian Rhythm impact Blood Sugar? as soon as we think around risk determinants for emerging diabetes, we will absolutely list metabolic syndrome and also obesity. Moreover, many human being recognize that genetics can play a role. But how often do us think of change work or other changes to our day-to-day schedule? Circadian rhythm have the right to have a powerful impact ~ above metabolism, although it might be complicated for shift workers to attend to this problem. Acquiring the eating schedule together close to "normal daytime" as possible may help. Adopting a time-restricted eating plan or intermittent fasting could also be useful. However, people with diabetes should work closely with their health care providers to make sure that intermittent fasting does not an outcome in illustration of really low blood sugar.Finally, Dr. Lazar offers some advice we have the right to all use to lower our danger of emerging diabetes. This Week"s Guest: Mitchell Lazar, MD, PhD, is the Willard and Rhoda Ware Professor in Diabetes and also Metabolic Diseases, and also the manager of the Institute for Diabetes, Obesity, and also Metabolism in ~ the university of Pennsylvania. This is the connect to his research laboratory: listen to the Podcast: The podcast the this program will be available Monday, Oct. 11, 2021, after transfer on October 9. You deserve to stream the present from this site and download the podcast because that free. Download the mp3

display 1275: The Vicious cycle of COVID and Diabetes
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September 30, 2021

Show 1274: can We do Sick structures Healthy?

September 30, 2021 • space you getting sufficient fresh air? an ext than a century ago, Florence Nightingale insisted that hospitals needed an excellent ventilation to get lots of new air. The would keep patients from dispersing dangerous respiratory tract infections favor tuberculosis. Although she didn"t usage the term, she was describing the ide of ailing buildings. End the critical year and also a half, COVID-19 has actually driven that allude home. Although professionals didn"t realize at first that the disease could it is in airborne, they ultimately recognized the it was dispersing through invisible aerosols as well as by bigger particles. And for aerosols, an excellent ventilation is key. The duty of sick Buildings: Long before COVID, epidemiologists figured out the role of so-called sick buildings in spreading disease. That course, the buildings themselves space not sick, yet the human being who job-related or live in lock are. Forensic investigations deserve to locate the source of the problem, even if it is it is a concealed reservoir the water harbor Legionella or an overgrowth of toxic mold. Just how to do Sick structures Healthy: our guest, Dr. Joe Allen, is an professional on ailing buildings. Together he notes, throughout the energy situation of the 1970s, builders and also building owners became much more concerned about energy efficiency than about the health impacts of ventilation. To do sick structures healthy, we need to examine the circulation of fresh air and make sure it is adequate. World can usage an inexpensive CO2 monitor to evaluate household air quality. Moisture additionally needs come be maintained within a healthy range. You have the right to monitor that with a humidity sensor (hygrometer), also available at reasonable cost. Of course, the structure should no contain toxicity materials. What space the services of healthy and balanced Buildings? The emphasis is ~ above "salutogenesis," the production of great health. Research suggests that civilization who job-related in structures that assistance their wellness are much more productive than those that must attend to sick buildings. Wonderful ventilation and also filtration systems need to not just protect world from the spread out of COVID-19, but additionally from influenza and also even colds. That might lead to fewer sick days. Can You do This in ~ Home? HEPA (high-efficiency particulate-arresting) filters have actually become more available in recent years. Master with central heating and cooling deserve to install them because that the whole house. People using apartments or solitary rooms deserve to now discover portable HEPA filter that room useful. We talk about how to advice the filter, i beg your pardon should have a MERV 13 rating. An wait purifier should have actually a clean air delivery rate (CADR) that 300 per 500 square feet.Finally, what transforms in our building systems have to we implement come ensure an excellent health in the future? This Week"s Guest: Joseph G. Allen is manager of the Healthy buildings program and also an associate Professor at Harvard"s T. H. Chan institution of publicly Health. Before joining the faculty in ~ Harvard, that spent number of years in the personal sector leading groups of scientists and engineers come investigate and resolve hundreds of indoor environmental quality issues, including "sick buildings," cancer clusters, and also biological/chemical hazards. His academic research focuses on the crucial role the indoor constructed environment plays in our as whole health. One of the world"s leading professionals on healthy and balanced buildings, Dr. Allen is a continual keynote speaker and advises leading global companies. That is the co-author of healthy Buildings: exactly how Indoor Spaces journey Performance and Productivity. His website at Harvard is hear to the Podcast: The podcast the this regimen will be accessible Monday, Oct. 4, 2021, after transfer on October 2. You can stream the present from this site and download the podcast because that free. Download the mp3

present 1274: have the right to We make Sick buildings Healthy?
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September 23, 2021

Show 1273: Finding means to manage Long COVID

September 23, 2021 • once the COVID pandemic began, physicians thought that patients one of two people recovered relatively quickly or lock died. Prior to long, though, part patients figured out themselves together "long haulers" due to the fact that they were experiencing debilitating symptoms because that months after your diagnoses, neither dying nor recovering. Over there are civilization who come to be short the breath simply walking increase a couple of steps, if others endure dizziness, fatigue, insomnia or mind fog that renders it complicated or impossible to concentrate. What have the right to they execute to control long COVID symptoms? The first step is to acknowledge that long COVID is real, not psychosomatic. Just how to regulate Long COVID: Dr. Kristin Englund is an infectious an illness specialist who runs the recoup clinic for human being with lengthy COVID in ~ the Cleveland Clinic. To regulate long COVID symptoms, she health treatment providers perform a thorough evaluation of each patient"s symptoms. As a result, they room able to affix the patient with the most suitable specialists throughout the Cleveland Clinic. Addressing the reason Could help Manage long COVID Symptoms: Some scientists are trying to figure out why part individuals construct long COVID while others recover promptly native the infection. One research team has found differences in particular white blood cells in human being with lingering symptoms. These monocytes carry some that the virus protein (not that is RNA) and also attach us to the walls of blood vessels. The immune device reacts to this protein pieces as if it were fighting off the virus itself. Consequently, the human body responds as if it to be infected, with symptoms such as fatigue, mind fog, difficulty breathing, ns of the feeling of smell and also so on. When this study is preliminary, it provides an attractive hypothesis around how to regulate long COVID. The investigators have tried an anti-HIV drug, maraviroc, in combination with a statin, pravastatin. The maraviroc (Selzentry) affects the monocytes, at least in theory, if the statin calms the inflammation that the blood vessels. If additional research support this approach, it can be a large step forward in the find to manage long COVID symptom better. Dr. Patterson suggests it might even aid people v quite different problems, such together chronic Lyme disease. May be monocytes are misbehaving in comparable ways in together conditions. This Week"s Guests: Kristin Englund, MD, an infectious condition specialist, leads the Cleveland Clinic"s recover clinic for long COVID patients with lingering symptoms. Dr. Englund is board certified in interior medicine through a subspecialty certification in transmittable diseases by the American plank of inner Medicine. She supplied the photograph. Https:// Bruce K. Patterson, MD, is the CEO & Founder of IncellDx, Inc., a single cell diagnostic agency committed to proceeding Precision medicine by giving transformative diagnostic and also prognostic clinical patient information based on creative technology communication that permits simultaneous cell group and solitary cell analysis of proteomic and also genomic biomarkers. This study offers ideas to drugs that have the right to be provided to control long COVID. Previously, Dr. Patterson was the medical Director of Diagnostic Virology at Stanford university Hospitals and Clinics. Https:// You have the right to read Dr. Patterson"s research records here, here and also here. The attach he readily available our listener is here: listen to the Podcast: The podcast that this routine will be obtainable Monday, Sept. 27, 2021, after transfer on September 25. You have the right to stream the display from this site and download the podcast because that free. Download the mp3

display 1273: Finding ways to regulate Long COVID
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September 16, 2021

Show 1272: how Your Eyes disclose Your Health

September 16, 2021 • you may have heard the the eyes space the window to the soul. That could be daunting to prove, but scientists have now shown that the eyes offer significant clues come your as whole health. Most interesting is the possibility of assessing brain health based upon special imaging that the retina. Us speak with a top ophthalmologist about what her eyes reveal. What her Eyes Reveal around COVID: Researchers have found alters in the cornea the correlate with other symptoms of long COVID. They intend that this may permit for an earlier diagnosis and much more effective therapy of a permanent health difficulty that affects the entire person. What rather the eyes Reveal: one ophthalmologist examining the eyes deserve to detect complications of diabetes and signs of hypertension. High cholesterol, thyroid imbalance and also even Lyme disease also develop telltale signs inside the eyes. Taking treatment of Eye Health: The most suitable frequency of a consistent eye check-up relies upon the age of the patient and any chronic problems affecting the eyes. Older human being usually need yearly exams, when young adults might go numerous years in between checkups unless they space having problems with their vision. One problem that could be more common this year is myopia, also called near-sightedness. So countless of us have actually increased the lot of time we room using display screens for classes, meetings and also social visits. In ~ the same time, we have actually been spending much less time exterior lifting our eyes from close-in display screens to the much horizon. That have the right to make it more challenging for the eye to adjust to remote vision. Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) have the right to be a damaging disorder resulting in visual impairment. Fortunately, the therapies have readjusted considerably end the last few decades and become much much more effective. In addition, eye doctors often recommend a dietary supplement, the AREDS formula, to slow-moving the progression of this chronic condition. Scientific studies administer excellent proof to back these recommendations. Managing Cataracts: as we age, the lenses in our eyes become less clear. At part point, the transforms interfere v our capacity to check out well. Doctors have refined surgical approaches for extract the cloudy lens. In addition, manufacturers of replacement lenses have made them more flexible and better at replacing the natural lens that is removed. How do you choose the lens that will suit friend best? dealing with Glaucoma: another eye problem that becomes an ext likely as human being age is glaucoma. In this condition, press inside the eye starts come climb. Right here too, ophthalmologists have much better treatments than they had a couple of decades ago. We comment on the treatments and also the ideal ways to apply eye drops, whether because that glaucoma or because that dry eyes. We discuss what the eye reveal about the health and wellness of the neurons in the brain, together with what we must all be doing to store our eyes as healthy and balanced as possible. This Week"s Guest: Sharon Fekrat, MD, FACS, FASRS, is professor that ophthalmology and associate professor of surgical treatment at duke University clinical School. She is associate chief of staff at the Durham VA healthcare System. Dr. Fekrat has actually been director of the fight it out Vitreoretinal surgical procedure Fellowship Program, and also Director that Ophthalmology Faculty career Development. She is at this time Director of duke iMIND study Group. Dr. Fekrat is the editor, together with Tanya Glaser, MD, and also Henry Feng, MD, of All about Your Eyes. Hear to the Podcast: The podcast of this regimen will be accessible Monday, Sept. 20, 2021, after transfer on September 18. You have the right to stream the show from this site and download the podcast because that free. Download the mp3

September 9, 2021

Show 1271: new Approaches to managing Depression

September 9, 2021 • For numerous months now, people have been taking care of the pandemic, which has lugged both grief for the stays lost and anxiety about the danger of infection. At the very same time, fires and floods have made the clear that climate adjust is no a fuzzy future concern, but an urgent issue. The economic influence of all these problems has additionally been challenging. The is tiny wonder then, that rates of anxiety and also depression have been rising. What space the brand-new approaches to managing depression? specifying Depression: The first step to regulating depression is understanding what we are talking about. Grief is a normal solution to loss, and anxiety is no an unusual an answer to stress. What distinguishes significant depression from plain sadness? We discuss the symptoms, together as alters in sleep fads or appetite, in addition to irritability, that can signal who is suffering from depression. Our guest, Dr. Andy Nierenberg, defines the difference between bipolar disorder and depression. He likewise points out that seasonal depression is not limited to winter. Some world have predictable symptoms of depression in the summer. They also tend to have actually trouble with jet lag, so they might be specifically sensitive to changes in light exposure and timing. We additionally learn around the signals the a young person could be depressed. Vice versa, a couple of decades ago, psychiatrists were not sure that kids suffered native depression, currently scientists have proof that lock do. Consequently, doctors have emerged ways to assist with managing depression in youngsters. Therapies for regulating Depression: certain forms that therapy have actually excellent evidence to support their usefulness. Cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior activation therapy and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy deserve to all be very helpful. The difficulty is finding a default therapist who has the suitable training and experience. Serotonin is a neurochemical that cells in the brain use to interact with one another. Numerous of the most famous antidepressants such together fluoxetine (Prozac) or sertraline (Zoloft) work-related through serotonin. There are other drugs for managing depression together well. For the many part, doctors shot to pay fist to side result profiles to find the drug that will certainly be most useful for a particular patient. The SSRI (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) often have sex-related side results that can be rather distressing. Us don"t know specifically how the mind works nor exactly how antidepressants impact it. The Dauten Family facility for Bipolar Treatment development at Massachusetts basic Hospital is systematically researching whether drugs authorized for other uses deserve to be repurposed for dealing with depression. Surprisingly, fenofibrate, an older medication that was once used to control blood lipids seems to be promise for world who have not responded well to standard antidepressants. Various other Treatments that May assist in regulating Depression: Older medicines such together monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOi) have fallen out of favor because patients must pay close fist to diet and also other medications. Nonetheless, they can be quite effective. Lithium has been used for bipolar disorder for years, and it is still one of the best treatments for this condition. Approaches that reduce stress, including meditation, forest bathing and also exercise, can help boost the strength of other treatments. In fact, over there is proof that exercise can influence one the the exact same pathways together fenofibrate. It additionally increases the calculation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, BDNF, which likewise helps in controlling depression. Dr. Jerry Rosenbaum points out that some civilization who have not responded well to conventional antidepressants need much more than one medication. The is due to the fact that of the far-reaching differences amongst individuals. It can be difficult, however, to predict which treatment will be most helpful for a given patient. Device-based treatments such as TMS (transcrancial magnetic stimulation) or ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) room useful enhancements to the armamentarium. Rapid treatments such together esketamine (Spravato) and ketamine additionally hold promise for part patients. In addition, some psychiatrists space investigating the potential services of psychedelic drugs for managing depression. This Week"s Guests: Andrew Nierenberg, MD, is the director of the Dauten Family facility for Bipolar Treatment development at Massachusetts basic Hospital. That is additionally Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard medical School, whereby he hold the thomas P. Hackett MD Endowed Chair. He is a leader in Clinical research studies of Depression & Bipolar Disorder. Dr. Nierenberg is associate Director that the Depression Clinical and also Research Program. That is additionally Director of the Training and also Education program at the Massachusetts general Hospital research study Institute. Dr. Nierenberg"s main interests are depression, bipolar depression, and also novel therapies for mood disorders. The photo is that Dr. Nierenberg. His website is Jerrold F. Rosenbaum, MD, is psychiatrist-in-chief emeritus and director the the facility for Anxiety and Traumatic tension Disorders and also director the the center for Neuroscience that Psychedelics at the Massachusetts basic Hospital and Stanley Cobb Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard clinical School. His career has focused on mood and also anxiety disorders, with a special emphasis on pharmacotherapy the those conditions. Listen to the Podcast: The podcast that this regime will be accessible Monday, Sept. 13, 2021, after transfer on September 11. You have the right to stream the show from this site and also download the podcast because that free. Download the podcast