The term knowledge is associated with a kind of spirituality illumination the is supposedly bestowed upon us by magnificent grace. Being so, it is beyond our control and there is small we deserve to do to achieve it; it happens of its very own accord. But what if ns told you the there’s another means to be “enlightened”—a method that is within your control?

The word enlightenment derives from words ‘light’. However ‘light’ additionally refers to the physical load of one object. In this context, light is the antonym of heavy. And also the word ‘heavy’ has an excellent spiritual significance that goes beyond physical weight.

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What is meant by a heavy heart

We often use words ‘heavy’ figuratively to represent heaviness of the love or the head. It’s daunting to find someone who hasn’t said, “My love is heavy” at some time or another. That course, us all recognize that our hearts and heads don’t end up being heavy in a literal meaning sense—it’s only a number of speech, right? Wrong!

In mine opinion, a hefty heart or head is an ext than just a an allegory for psychological or emotionally distress. The feeling of heaviness always occurs fan to an overabundance of thoughts occupying our minds.

On one average, it is approximated that us think 60,000 different thoughts each day. Now consider this: if each assumed actually weighed just a small bit, speak a just gram, our minds would certainly be carrying a fill of 60 kilos each day. Phew! That’s a the majority of weight to carry about . No wonder then the our heads and hearts feeling heavy and also over-burdened every the time—and that, in turn, results in all kinds the health troubles ranging from migraines come high BP to heart attacks.

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Try meditation

Fortunately, meditation offers a means to ease the excess pack on our poor, over-worked hearts and heads. It helps us empty our minds of the rubbish we accumulate work after day. The best way to meditate, follow to the old sages, is to end up being a angry of our thoughts. You see, we can’t protect against them from coming, yet we can certainly avoid coming to be a reservoir that thoughts. So, when thoughts get in the mind, don’t host on come them, observe them. Come to be a passage and allow them to pass. Zen monk and also teacher Shunryu Suzuki describes it this way: “Leave her front door and also your earlier door open. Permit your think to come and go. Simply don’t offer them tea.”

Gradually, you will find yourself living more and more in the present. That’s since thoughts room always about the past or the future. As soon as you live in the present, you stay lightweight in the head and the heart. And, isn’t that what ‘enlightened’ world do—live in the present? The just difference between them and the remainder of us is the flab that unnecessary thoughts. If only we shed those ‘kilos’, we also could end up being enlightened.

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