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The component of the play that you room asking around is in act 2. Mary Warren has gone to the court proceedings all day, due to the fact that she is one of the "witnesses" come witchcraft. She comes residence late the day, and John Proctor isn"t too happy around it. Mary type of...

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The part of the play the you room asking around is in plot 2. Mary Warren has been at the court proceedings all day, since she is one of the "witnesses" come witchcraft. She comes house late the day, and also John Proctor isn"t as well happy around it. Mary sort of side steps John through going come Elizabeth and also giving she a present. The item that mar Warren brought home to Elizabeth is a "poppet."

Mary Warren: ns made a gift because that you today, Goody Proctor. I had actually to sit long hours in a chair, and also passed the time with sewing.

Elizabeth, perplexed, looking in ~ the doll: Why, say thanks to you, it"s a same poppet.

A poppet is a children"s doll. The existing is completely innocuous, and also Mary has no okay intents with giving it come Elizabeth. The poppet becomes necessary a bit later on in the act, due to the fact that Abigail Williams was utilizing the doll come spoof the court into thinking that is supplied for some kind of voodoo witchcraft. Earlier in the day, Abigail Williams stuck a needle right into the doll and then secretly stabbed herself v a different needle. That was sufficient evidence to suspicion Elizabeth of intending witchcraft harm versus Abigail.

Cheever, his hands shaking: Why, this go tough with her, Proc-tor, this - I had my doubts, Proctor, I had actually my doubts, yet heres" calamity. To Hale, reflecting the needle: You view it, sir, it is a needle!

Hale: Why? What meanin" has it?

Cheever, wide-eyed, trembling: The girl, the Williams girl, Abi-gail Williams, sir. She satellite to dinner in Reverend Parris"s residence tonight, and also without word nor warnin" she drops to the floor. Choose a win beast, he says, and also screamed a scream that a bull would weep come hear. And he walk to conserve her, and, stuck two inches in the meat of her belly, he attract a needle out. And also demandin" of her exactly how she involved be so stabbed, she - to Proctor now - testify it -were her wife"s familiar spirit thrust it in.

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Proctor: Why, she done it herself! To Hale: ns hope you"re no takin" this for proof, Mister!

Hale, struck through the proof, is silent.

Cheever: "Tis hard proof! To Hale: I find here a poppet Goody Proctor keeps. Ns have uncovered it, sir. And also in the ship of the poppet a needle"s stuck. I tell you true, Proctor, I never ever warranted to view such proof of Hell, and also I bid girlfriend obstruct me not, for i -