What is Banquo’s opinion that Macbeth’s conduct?
He claims Macbeth is now king, Cawdor, Glamis, all, simply as the Weird women prophesized. Macbeth played many foully because that it.

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Knowing what he did, what was Banquo’s duty?He should have actually revealed and also avenged it.
What go Banquo to speak of the forecast of the monster Sisters concerning himself and also of the possibility of its gift fulfilled?No, the swears allegiance come the hope the he might reap the award foretold to his house. This is the direct reason of his death.
What is the dramatic purpose of this soliloquy in step i?They said that he would be the dad of countless kings. If that is as true as what they had actually said around Macbeth, they may be his oracles as well and set up hope because that him.
What invite does Macbeth provide Banquo?To to visit a solemn supper 보다 evening.
What to be Macbeth’s reason for asking Banquo, “Ride girlfriend this afternoon”?He is making plan to killing Banquo.
What walk Macbeth speak of “our bloody cousins”?He says they have actually gone come England and also to Ireland
Why does he speak of them?To readjust the suspicion from self to someone else
When all have retired other than an attendant, what does Macbeth say come the attendant?Attend those men our pleasure
What does he ask concerning Fleance?He is had in Macbeth’s plans for murder
From Macbeth’s manner, has actually any change taken place in him?Yes. He is positive and also quick whereby he to be undecided before.
Had Macbeth currently been plan the killing of Banquo?Yes. He speak of the 2 murderers.
In the soliloquy what walk Macbeth reveal around his plans and also purposes?He feel that as things now stood with both Banquo and also Fleance alive, the has obtained nothing because that himself but has marketed his soul to the devil simply to provide all to Banquo
What is his evaluation of Banquo’s character?He is fearful of Banquo
What debates does Macbeth use to induce the Murderers to kill Banquo?Banquo was to reprimand for your misfortune.
What factor does the give regarding why that does no murder Banquo himself but selects them to perform it?He could murder Banquo himself and his will can warrant it however he have to not carry out so. He and also Banquo have actually been friends.
What space his last instructions especially with regard to Fleance?Within the hour he would inform them wherein to tree themselves and also what the time would be.
With what reflection does the scene close?Banquo will uncover himself in sky tonight.
What is Lady Macbeth’s approach of life as presented in her words to Macbeth?What is excellent is done.
From her remark ~ above Macbeth’s entrance, what is suggested as to his emotionally condition?He is sadden and filled with remorse.
What go Macbeth average by the line start “We have scotched the snake . . .? “?Killed, wounded
What is the dramatic significance of Macbeth’s referral to Duncan?He is disturbed.
What expression of affection for his wife does Macbeth give?Love, dear wife, dearest chuck
What walk Macbeth say around hypocrisy?They should present Banquo special favor
What does the say about his psychological anguish?He has actually a scorpion on his mind.
What quick adjust takes place in Macbeth?He tells his wife to it is in happy
Can Macbeth phone call Lady Macbeth has actually plans?No. That tells she to it is in innocent.
Does the 2nd murderer mistrust Macbeth?No
What walk Fleance’s to escape symbolize?Macbeth’s doom.
What is the effect on Macbeth as soon as he learns that Fleance has actually fled?Everything would have actually been perfect had actually he been killed.
What is the effect on Macbeth top top the figure of the ghost?He speak the Ghost the it can not say he did it.
How go Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth’s actions?She speak the Lords that Macbeth was often like this and also has to be so indigenous his youth.
What does Macbeth speak after the Ghost vanishes the an initial time?Blood has actually been shed prior to now. . Yet they increase with 20 fatal wounds on their heads to get rid of Macbeth.
What reasons Macbeth to reenter?Macbeth toasts come our dear girlfriend Banquo.
Why is the ghost referred to as in again?By Banquo’s name
What go Macbeth say come the Ghost?Get out of mine sight!
What walk Lady Macbeth do?She dismisses the guests
How does Lady Macbeth act to her husband after the guest leave?She treats him v gentleness.
Why Macbeth says witches put a sterile crown on my head and also a barren scepter in my fist?This describes that Macbeth has created no youngsters to inherit the crown.
How go Macbeth convince the murders to death Banquo?Macbeth speak the murders the Banquo is come blame for their destroyed careers and also miserable lives.
After Macbeth convinces the murders what rather does he ask them to do?He request the killing to kill his child Flance
What advice walk Lady Macbeth offer to she husband?Macbeth should stop populated on the killing and shot to enjoy their success.
Why does Macbeth envy the dead king?Because the dead king sleeps peacefully and also nothing can harm him.
What is Macbeth hiding indigenous his wife?Macbeth does no tell his wife of his plan to kill Banquo and Flance.
What goes wrong together the murders shot to bring out Macbeths’ plan?Fleance escapes
Describe the ghost that appears to Macbeth what does it look like and what does it do?The ghost is a frightful sight v bloody hair and piercing eyes. Macbeth thinks its Banquo’s ghost due to the fact that it is spanned with wounds and shakes its head accusingly at him.
After the guest leave Macbeth wonders about the of who from the BanquetMacduff
How does Hecate explain MacbethThe witch defines him together irresponsible, spiteful, foolish, over-confident and also selfish.
How walk Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth's strange habits at the banquet?He is enduring from an illness.
How walk Macbeth sway the murderers to kill Banquo?He taunts them because that their absence of manliness.
What carry out the weird sisters promise come Macbeth?The kingdom that Scotland
Why walk Macbeth envy Malcolm?He has been named heir come the throne.
What walk Lady Macbeth accuse her husband of being?A coward
Who claimed the following: "Come you spirits that have tendency on mortal thoughts, unsex me here"Lady Macbeth
In plot III, scene 6, Lennox and also a lord pin their hopes on the return of two Scottish noblemen from England. Who are the 2 men?Malcolm and also Macduff
Who claimed it, and what is he/she talk about?"They compliment him dad to a line of kings.In a soliloquy in ~ the end of step 1, Macbeth expresses his fears around Banquo.
"Most royal sir, Fleance is 'scaped."One that the murderers reports this news to Macbeth during the well known banquet scene.

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"Thou canst not say ns did it. Never shakeMacbeth startles his guests throughout the banquet step by speaking straight to Banquo's ghost, i m sorry no one other than Macbeth deserve to see.