Lifelink is an ability keyword in Magic: The Gathering. Through lifelink, any kind of damage your creature does provides you life! In this article, ns look in ~ what lifelink does in MTG v rules and also examples, the ideal lifelink cards, lifelink decks, and also how come play against lifelink. Ns go over the commonly asked inquiries for lifelink in MTG too.

Mesa Unicorn MTG card. Image: Wizards the the Coast. Artist: Winona Nelson.

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MTG Lifelink rules

What does the MTG map reminder message say for Lifelink?

Damage dealt by this creature additionally causes girlfriend to gain that much life.

See Magic: The collection ComprehensiveRules702.15.“Lifelink” for more information.

Lifelink means that at any time a creature v the lifelink keyword capability deals damage, you acquire life equal to the lot of damage you dealt.

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Mechanics in the style of lifelink have remained in the game since El-Hajjâj in the second-ever MTG expansion, Arabian Nights. However, it is still possible to uncover cards that reason life gain when they transaction damage however don’t actually have actually lifelink.

The lifelink keyword itself was previewed in Future Sight and also was only totally introduced in the following set, Tenth Edition. Due to the fact that then, plenty of older cards v this ability have retroactively been provided lifelink.

Since that introduction, lifelink has constantly been thought about an evergreen keyword. You can expect the to show up in every collection on at least a couple of creatures. Although it is most typical in white, plenty of black cards also have lifelink together well.

Initially, life got from the lifelink keyword go on the stack, which supposed you could lose the game due to having 0 life prior to you gained the necessary life from lifelink. In Magic 2010, this was adjusted to a revolution ability. Now, damage is dealt and life is gained simultaneously.

MTG Lifelink Examples

Felidar Sovereign and also Jaya Ballard, job Mage MTG cards. Image: Wizards the the Coast.

For example, let’s speak I regulate the lifelink creature Felidar Sovereign. This is nice since it’s 4/6, has vigilance, and wins me the video game if I have actually 40 or an ext life in ~ the begin of mine turn.

I strike with Felidar Sovereign and also my foe blocks it with Jaya Ballard, task Mage, which is 2/2. Currently Felidar Sovereign deals 4 damage to Jaya, i beg your pardon destroys it. Not only that, ns now get 4 life, as my creature has actually lifelink.

The same uses to players. If I strike again with Felidar Sovereign and also my enemy doesn’t block it, they take direct damage. Together such, they shed 4 life. Simultaneously, I obtain 4 life native Felidar Sovereign’s lifelink ability. Hurrah!

Lifelink and Blocking

Hazezon Tamar and Felidar sovereign MTG cards. Image: Wizards that the Coast.

I also gain life if I usage my lifelink creature to block.

This time, let’s imagine my foe has play Hazezon Tamar. Castle then strike with Hazezon and I block it through my Felidar Sovereign.

Damage proceeds frequently here and lifelink uses just as it would if mine lifelink biology had struck instead that blocked. Felidar Sovereign transaction 4 damage to Hazezon Tamar, for this reason I obtain 4 life. Hazezon additionally dies, conveniently.

Lifelink vs Protection

The same isn’t true because that protection, however. Because that example, expect a creature, player, or planeswalker has protection from my lifelink creature. In that case, my creature cannot deal any damage to it. As such, i can’t gain any type of life.

Felidar Sovereign and also Black article MTG cards. Image: Wizards of the Coast.

Let’s look at this in practice. First, I assault again with Felidar Sovereign, a white creature. However now my foe blocks it with Black Knight, a card with protection from white. Due to the fact that protection indigenous white avoids a biology being dealt damage from a white source, Felidar Sovereign deals 0 damage. Together such, even though it has actually lifelink, ns don’t gain any kind of life.

Lifelink + Trample

How go lifelink job-related if the creature additionally has trample? It in reality works precisely the very same as usual, due to the fact that the lifelink capability doesn’t care how the damages is dealt. Overabundance combat damage dealt to a player via trample will also cause girlfriend to obtain life.

Spark Trooper and also Rograkh, kid of Rohgahh MTG cards. Image: Wizards that the Coast.

For instance, imagine I attack with Spark Trooper, a 6/1 v both lifelink and also trample. My opponent blocks through Rograkh, son of Rohgahh, a 0/1 creature. As such, i assign 1 suggest of damage to Rograkh, damage it, and also gain 1 life. The continuing to be 5 damage I assign to the defending player and I get 5 life. Through attacking v Spark Trooper, I gain 6 life in total.

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Vault that the Archangel MTG Card. Image: Wizards the the Coast.

Most the the time, Vault of the Archangel is simply a common land. Your opponent might even forget the its there. Then, suddenly, all her creatures have actually deathtouch and lifelink! the end of nowhere, this unassuming land just swung the video game in her favour.

This is the stamin of Vault that the Archangel. Anytime you require it, for just 4 mana, you have the right to instantly buff all of your creatures!

Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord – (White/Black Lifelink Planeswalker)

Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord MTG card. Image: Wizards the the Coast.

A planeswalker doesn’t constantly have a revolution ability. Also then, it’s rare that it’s as an effective as Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord’s. But, as lengthy as it’s your turn, this incarnation the Sorin provides your whole team lifelink – creatures and also planeswalkers included.

Additionally, Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord has some an effective loyalty abilities. No only can he ping a target and also gain girlfriend life, yet he’s likewise a reanimator himself. Pat Sorin on rotate four, attack with life-gain and then automatically get out second creature.

Eradicator Valkyrie – (Black Lifelink Creature)

Eradicator Valkyrie MTG card. Image: Wizards that the Coast.

Easily among the finest creatures in Forgotten realms Standard, Eradicator Valkyrie is an impressive card. Because that 4 mana, it’s a 4/3 with flying and hexproof native planeswalkers. This lifelink creature can also force your adversaries to sacrifice their own creatures and also planeswalkers.

Furthermore, Eradicator Valkyrie’s flying capability allows it to emphasis down planeswalkers twice over. Here the lifelink is the icing on the cake, particularly if you can use that is boast ability an ext than once a turn.

Titanic Ultimatum – (Red/Green/White Lifelink Sorcery)

Titanic Ultimatum MTG card. Image: Wizards of the Coast.

This is how you finish a game. How deserve to you no win as soon as your whole board gets +5/+5 and an initial strike, trample, and lifelink?

Titanic Ultimatum might have a steep spreading cost, but the results are too an excellent to ignore. This map is incredibly impactful in Commander, where straightforward mana fixing and long gamings mean you’ll have a genuinely spectacular variety of creatures come buff with it!

Whip that Erebos – (Black Lifelink Artifact)

Whip that Erebos MTG card. Image: Wizards the the Coast.

This nifty artifact offers all her creatures lifelink. Awesome! yet that’s no all. As soon as per turn, you deserve to unearth a creature with Whip that Erebos, return it to the battlefield for as soon as last turn.

Although Whip of Erebos is a strong play top top its own, it really shines in reanimator strategies. This is particularly true when your reanimated biology only needs one turn to get off the combo.

Steel the the Godhead – (White/Blue Lifelink Enchantment)

Steel the the Godhead MTG image. Wizards of the Coast.

A basic aura, steel of the Godhead does what it demands to remarkably well. For just 3 mana, enjoy giving your creature +2/+2, lifelink, and unblockable. Obviously, this is a shoe-in if you’re playing Bogles in modern, especially if girlfriend can obtain out white creatures as well.

As well together that, stole of the Godhead has actually been published at common, too. This way that it’s legal in Pauper whereby only common cards space allowed. It’s an especially powerful there and also an easy method to offer your hazards evasion and, possibly, life-gain abilities.

MTG Lifelink Decks

Lifelink is most typical in white and also black. Together such, if you want lifelink cards, the appropriate theme boosters will certainly help. For Strixhaven, the Silverquill theme booster is terrific choice together the faction chin is white/black with several lifelink creatures.

White Weenie – Arena Standard

One of the many notable modern-day lifelink decks is White Weenie. This mono-white aggro deck focuses on getting out low mana value and high-impact white creatures to overwhelm the opponent. This strategy is effective against midrange and also control decks that can’t store up the pace. Still, the struggles versus other aggro or tempo decks.

Making the ring on Arena space many comparable White Weenie decks that operation a mix lifelink cards such together Shadowspear, Lurrus of the Dream Den, Alseid of Life’s Bounty, and Heliod, the sunlight Crowned.

Edgar Markov Vampire Tribal – Commander

In Commander, arguably the many meta lifelink deck is Edgar Markov Vampire Tribal. Return Edgar Markov itself doesn’t have actually lifelink, it is nevertheless a powerful Vampire lord. And many vampires do have actually lifelink, right for an wild game.

Although this deck doesn’t emphasis on lifelink so lot as it revenues for it, you can easily adapt it to a greater lifegain focus. Incorporate cards such together Aetherflux Reservoir, Exquisite Blood, Sanguine Bond, and also Angel the Destiny. Add Defiant Bloodlord too. It’s likewise a vampire, and, so, the fits appropriate in.

How to play versus Lifelink

Destroy the Lifelink Creatures in Combat

Neither white nor black has numerous creatures with abilities that transaction targeted damage. Together such, your opponent frequently needs to strike or block v the lifelink creatures whenever they want to gain life.

Whenever her opponent assaults with a lifelink creature, make sure to block it through what will be lethal damage. Back your foe will still get life, their biology will additionally die.

With lifelink creatures together blockers, this is harder. Your adversary is more than likely not going to waste valuable lifelink creatures on negative blocks. Destroying them in combat is still possible, though. Assault normally, however then usage combat tricks come buff your creatures up to destroy blockers v lifelink.

Use removed on the Lifelink Creatures

As annoying together they space to beat against, most lifelink creatures don’t have hexproof or protection. As such, they’re delicate to removal. So rather of utilizing your burn come directly attack their opponent, remove their lifelink creatures through it instead.

Similarly, prepare your counterspells, killspells, and hand attacks. If your adversary is play lifelink creatures, they’re play white and/or black. Both of these colours struggle against control cards.

Stop the enemy Gaining Life Entirely

There space black and also red cards that protect against players from gaining life, which stays clear of the lifelink keyword native functioning. Quakebringer, Everlasting Torment, and also Erebos, God of the Dead are examples of these cards. Keep in psychic that damages will still be dealt usually though, also if a player doesn’t obtain life now.

Destroy the Card offering the biology Lifelink

Often a creature doesn’t have actually lifelink inherently yet is instead being given lifelink by another card. Usually, this is an Aura or Enchantment, but details cards of varieties can provide lifelink. If you have actually the chance, damage whatever is offering the creature lifelink if girlfriend can’t damage it directly.

Lifelink FAQs

Does Lifelink Overkill?

Overkill is once your biology deals more than enough damages to ruin the various other creatures in combat, leaving excess damage leftover. This frequently occurs once a high-power creature is chump blocked.

If your lifelink biology overkills, this isn’t a problem. Friend still get life equal to its power. Creatures do not pull your punches if the impede creature has a toughness reduced than that power. Your creature will deal complete damage, nevertheless of the blocker’s toughness.

You can simply entrust the excess damage normally if your creature overkills.

How walk Lifelink Work versus Hexproof, Ward, or Shroud?

Lifelink works as normal even if the lifelink creature deals damage to a creature through hexproof, ward, or shroud. This is because the lifelink ability doesn’t target the creature itself at any suggest but rather directly gains friend life.

Does Lifelink Stack?

Multiple instances of lifelink execute not stack. If you provide a creature lifelink twice and it transaction damage, you will certainly only get life once equal come the damage dealt. Lifelink does stack with various other life-gain capability though.

What if Both Creatures have actually Lifelink?

If both the attacking and blocking creatures have lifelink, then both of their controllers will gain life. Thus, each player will acquire life equal to the damage dealt through their very own creature throughout that combat.

Is there Lifelink Equipment?

There is a lot of equipment that provides lifelink. Loxodon Warhammer, Basilisk Collar, and also Batterskull are all renowned lifelink equipment cards that likewise give various other impressive buffs.

Similarly, Shadowspear and also Poet’s Quill are also lifelink Equipment. In enhancement to being great cards, they are currently Standard-legal. Similarly, element of Lamprey and Staggering understanding are Standard-legal lifelink Auras.

Does Lifelink work-related if the biology Dies?

As long as her lifelink creature deals damage, friend will get that much life. If your biology then dies, this renders no difference. This is often the instance in combat, wherein your lifelink creature is damaged only after ~ it has dealt damages attacking or blocking.

What if mine Lifelink biology Deals damage to Me?

If your very own creature with lifelink deals damage to you, you will still take the damage. However, friend will also gain an same amount that life. As such, your life complete won’t actually change.

This is an extremely helpful if you play creatures that damage each player without targeting, or damage a player once they do a particular thing. Offering Eidolon the the great Revel lifelink, for instance, would be nice powerful.

Can I give Instants and also Sorceries Lifelink?

With specific cards, friend can offer your instants and also sorceries lifelink. Firesong and Sunspeaker, Soulfire Grandmaster, and also Radiant Scrollwielder have the right to let you get life once your spells deal damage.

An immediate or sorcery with lifelink will deal its damage normally, and then you obtain life equal to the damages it dealt. Certain instants and also sorceries such together Corrupt currently have an effect like this. However, you deserve to actually obtain life double here since their capability isn’t referred to as lifelink, instead it states “you acquire life equal to the damages dealt this way”.

Can I select to Disable Lifelink?

Lifelink is a static keyword ability which way you can not disable it. Anytime a lifelink creature deals damage, you immediately gain that lot life. Friend don’t have a an option about it.

A note: Lifelink MTG

Lifelink is a good ability. At any time a creature v lifelink transaction damage, you immediately gain that much life. Furthermore, lifelink is additionally an evergreen keyword, so you can uncover lifelink cards in every set.

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Although you have the right to only consistently uncover lifelink cards in white or black, occasionally mulitcoloured cards have the right to either have actually lifelink themselves or provide your creatures the ability. Over there are likewise a many of solid Equipment cards that provide your creatures lifelink.

As such, it’s no wonder countless current decks usage lifelink cards! They’re robust and reliable, and keep your wellness topped up! ns hope this post has assisted you out. Why not add some lifelink to your deck today?