The 8 symbolises balance, truth and also justice. 2 times 4, this is a concrete and material number. It is associated with possession, power and also materiality. The is linked with the aspect of air and also in analogy v the planets Mars and also Pluto, the signs of Aries and also Scorpio, the second, eighth and also t… Full summary

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The 3 symbolises creation, issued indigenous the union that the 1 and also the 2, uniting the confident and an unfavorable forces. It is the synonym the expression and also communication, success, social life and creation, significantly of literary and artistic nature. The is linked with the facet of air and also in analogy through t… Full summary
The 5 symbolises evolution, freedom, readjust and pleasure. The is identified with sensuality and also adaptability. In addition, it is linked with the aspect of air, the planets Mars and Mercury, and also in analogy v the authorize of Aquarius and sometimes Aries, the fifth house in astrology and the sanguin… Full description
Kaleo is one uncompromising, courageous, energetic and also masculine man, who likes to think that he is quite tough. But despite a details coarseness and a triumphant air the is an extremely sensitive individual (although he often tends to save this under control), and also a really charming one at the (a quality that he discreetly cultivates). Deep down he is a shy and also anxious soul who doubts in his capacities; shortcomings for which he compensates beautifully by a really high level of task and an iron will. He moves through life with a natural ease, adapts rapidly to brand-new situations, can be opportunistic and also has plenty of understand how. He is however rather strict and loathes flattery, deceit, pretentiousness and most the all, injustice... The is capable of violent fury in the face of iniquity and this have the right to be fairly frightening to witness! A materialistic man, he has a great head for business and takes a an extremely hands-on approach. Theory just interests him if it have the right to be put into practice. Rapid, impatient and an extremely efficient, he demands plenty of physical practice to avoid ending up being aggressive or quarrelsome. As a child, Kaleo is rather fragile and sensitive. His overwhelmingly emotionally nature is much easier to externalize v anger than with tenderness. Others often tend to assume that he is as durable as the seems, yet one must never judge a book by that cover... Furthermore, that is mobile and dissipated, and at college he is likely to favor the concrete subjects such as physics and also chemistry - through a certain penchant for sport at which he tends to excel. That enjoys tinkering, building and also repairing things, however he loves nothing more than a little of healthy and balanced competition.
Kaleo enjoys the company of others, has actually a extensive sense that friendship and also can be pretty persuasive as soon as he wants to be. He values his freedom above all and enjoys games and tasting the pleasures that this people has to offer. He is a guy of conquest who doesn" count his troubles or his efforts... Yet with together impatience! that is ardent and passionate as soon as it comes to his feelings and needs to have the ability to communicate through his partner on a extensive level. That is a very considerate man, and as much as he is concerned, trust, respect, sincerity and also freedom are important values in a relationship. The won" pardon a damaged promise easily and would constantly rather hear an unpleasant reality than a convenient falsehood.
Born to success in the video game of life - notably on a material level, Kaleo is most likely to be attracted to job involving activity or travel (sport, sales representation, driving...), a career as a technician, business: management, finance, banking, insurance, trading..., a project where expression is important (journalist, lecturer...), sales and marketing or teaching, however these are areas where his impatience might prove to it is in a handicap...

Note: 2 or more very first names deserve to have the same definition - this is intended. Indeed, the names have the same numerology numbers. It" similar to in astrology once two world with the exact same sign share the exact same characteristics!

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