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In plot 3 that The Crucible, man Proctor goes come the court in stimulate to cost-free his wife. Throughout this testimony, he admits a variety of things come Danforth and also all those present.

First, he claims Mary Warren "never experienced no spirits." This is news come Danforth, together Mary...

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In action 3 that The Crucible, man Proctor goes to the court in stimulate to cost-free his wife. During this testimony, the admits a variety of things to Danforth and also all those present.

First, he states Mary Warren "never witnessed no spirits." This is news to Danforth, as Mary has spent various other days in court complying with Abigail"s command in declare citizens have actually sent your spirits out to bewitch the girls.

Other personalities do not grant of John"s testimony and seek to undermine him by informing Danforth that his various faults. Cheever speak Danforth that when they arrested Elizabeth (in plot 2), "he damned the court and also ripped your warrant." Hale is likewise a witness come this, and so John have to admit "It to be a temper, sir. Ns knew not what ns did."

Parris then puts soon the reality that man does not involved church every Sunday, the method a great Christian is expected to. John need to admit the truth of this as well: "I have actually no love for Mr. Parris. It is no secret. Yet God i surely love."

Danforth is one outsider, and also so the learns these things about John. The various other citizens are familiar with John"s behaviors and can attest come them, therefore John have to openly recognize the reality of the public knowledge to Danforth.

Cheever pipes up that man plows ~ above Sundays. Again, man cannot deny this and can just admit the reality and shot to explain that last year he had actually to plow top top a couple of Sundays due to the fact that the land to be giving little and he necessary to administer for his 3 children.

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John confesses these points to display his honesty. But when the court continues to believe Abigail"s testimony, he finally admits the he had actually an affair through her. He admits the factor Abigail to be dismissed from his organization is because Elizabeth found out about the affair.