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To dream of seeing a shooting represents witnessing yourself or someone rather making a last decision. A adjust has been made decision on. Aiming for a goal. Picking to "terminate" your competition or civilization who you think space working versus your finest interests.Alternatively, seeing a shoot in a dream might reflect awareness of something in her life being cancelled, stopped, or purposely failed. A hit or dispute of understanding in waking life. Feeling that human being or life room working against you in part way. Feeling purposely antagonized, attacked, or embarrassed. Feeling shocked by a sudden loss or setback.Negatively, dreaming the a shooting might reflect evil a shocking choice being made or dangerous adjust of events.To dream the you space shooting someone else might reflect a big decision you"ve made. Getting rid of a companion or problem for good. Making an emotionally dangerous or dramatic decision. Choosing to "terminate" part area of her life. Negatively, it might reflect choosing to revolve your ago on something great in friend life.To be shot through bullets symbolizes people or instances with the power to regulate your decisions and feelings. Decisions other world have made the embarrassed you.To see an additional person shoot who represents one aspect of your personality having actually the power to manage another. Feelings about losing an argument or fight.To dream of being shot at, yet missed symbolizes human being or cases that are attempting to manage your decisions. If girlfriend shoot and miss who in a dream it represents your failed effort to with a goal or change something. Failure to "terminate" a person or problem.To dice from a gunshot wound to represent failure due to a instance or human that overpowered you or take it you through surprise. A human being or situation was also powerful, resourceful or intimidating. Regularly a dream symbol that shows up when someone is fired from a project or a partner breaks up v them. Feeling purposely excluded, "kicked out" or "fired."Example: A guy dreamed of being shot in his chest. In waking life he visited the physician to examine some pain and also discomfort he to be having and also found out that he had a significant heart problem. The shooting may have reflected his feelings around life shocking him through sudden health problem.Example 2: A young girl dreamed of being shot in the head. In waking life she woke up through a significant migraine.Example 3: A guy dreamed of seeing other civilization being shot. In waking life he knowledgeable co-workers obtaining fire through his boss.Example 4: A mrs dreamed that shooting people in all directions. In waking life she was enduring from a paranoid mental disease that do her turn on everyone about her.Example 5: A guy dreamed of shoot a lion. In waking life he felt forced to safeguard himself versus a mrs whose behavior was coming to be too controlling.Example 6: A guy dreamed that fighting and also losing a violent shoot-out with guns. In waking life she to be trying really hard to give up his marijuana habit and also eventually gave in to his cravings.Example 7: A young male dreamed of being shot with a single bullet in his cheek. In waking life he got a pimple on his cheek the following day. The bullet may have reflected his feelings about the zit attacking his capacity to stay competitively attractive with various other boys at school.Example 8: A mrs dreamed that seeing she stepfather through bullets shots in his body. In waking life she had actually lost an debate with a sisters of whom she hated.Example 9: A mrs dreamed of gift shot. In waking life she acquired rejected because that a promotion.

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In this case the gun shooting may have reflected her feelings about the powerful emotional affect of the choice by others to disapprove her promo request and diminish her confidence around being a professional.Example 10: A mrs dreamed of gift shot in the head. In waking life she feel sad after being dumped by a guy.*Please see Bullets*Please view Guns

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