When you’re date a guy and also he claims he simply wants come cuddle, all of your warning signs go up, and also for an excellent reason. We have actually all learned the hard way that no guy simply wants to snuggle up with you; there is always an ulterior motive. The genuine question comes from figuring the end why that is saying the he just wants to snuggle or worse, if he method it and also why.

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In bespeak to figure out what their transaction is, i’ve asked a few guys why they might elect to just cuddle through a girl together opposed to sleeping with her. Your answers to be pretty interesting and also spanned a huge number of possibilities. To assist you much better understand what specifically it is he’s acquiring at, examine out your answers.

1. That is a player and also is setup himself up

He will simply snuggle the very first time she over, but the second he will certainly make his move and claim it’s never ever happened prefer that before. You will know because he will suddenly prevent texting you afterwards and disappear faster than Jehovah’s Witness at a Pagan’s house.

2. The is gay and also hasn’t told friend or hasn’t admitted that to self yet

If you have actually been together number of times and he has actually yet to make any type of moves, then he may be struggling v his sexuality.

3. That is the one decent man in that fifty percent of the country

Seriously, there’s just one. Every man wants sex every one of the time so, if the man you are seeing is okay with waiting and you recognize that he’s not seeing everyone else, climate you’d better lock that down. That, or get him tested for STD’s.

4. The has strong feelings for you and also doesn’t desire to chaos it increase so that is acquisition it slow

This guy is typically struggling to not take the farther as pulling himself away in ~ the last minute. He may ask if girlfriend are all set fifty times before he provides his move, however he’s quiet trying to make a move.

5. He is unsure if she desires it or not because he is shy, socially awkward, and also inexperienced

He may have actually told you he’s inexperienced, or the may just be making very awkward do the efforts to number out wherein to put his hands. One of two people way, you should have the ability to tell the he doesn’t have a clue and is sort of hope you’ll take it the lead.

6. He is gaining bragging legal rights with every one of his friends

If you know the same circle that people, climate he may simply be security his time v you long sufficient to tell world he to be at your location for a couple of hours. If anyone you watch the following day is giving you understanding looks, climate that man is a jerk and also you have to not waste your time through him anymore.

7. That enjoys the chase and wants the top hand

Meaning, girlfriend going to him for it rather of the asking. This man enjoying hunting for his next victim and also will disappear ideal after friend have come to be the brand-new notch in his belt. Don’t beat yourself up too bad, everyone has actually been there at the very least once.

8. He enjoys having his pelvis against your butt and getting himself off that way

No issue who you are, rubbing her pelvis versus something tough feels good. That is just the way we room made. Have actually no doubt though, this man is tho all about the endgame, he is simply pleasing self in the meantime.

9. The is getting what he wants elsewhere and you are simply one of a few

It doesn’t issue what he needs to say around this, if the is satisfied and it is no from you, it’s from what else. Yes, he will certainly swear up and down the you room the only one just like any type of other guy, but you aren’t. It’s prefer they were trained indigenous the age of 2 to lie about this due to the fact that they room damned good at it.

10. The asked if you wanted to “cuddle” however he meant, “let’s have sex yet start out cuddling.”

For part reason, it’s constantly a surprised to us when their hands start wandering and also we have to obtain that creeped out feeling. If you just know what he way going in, then you have the right to shoot him down before he ever starts. Unless you’re wanting more.

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Now you’ll have a better idea of his motives and also reasons behind his action the following time you uncover yourself v a male saying he just wants to cuddle. At least you i will not ~ be blindsided through his moves when he starts making them. Because, uneven he struggle a couple of those bullet points, he will make them. Simply remember that you can always say no. It’s never ever too late to earlier out even if you’re currently having sex.