So you’ve been talk to this guy, yet you’re not really sure if you’re just friends or if he’s interested in you.

The next time he texts you, the starts the conversation off by saying, “Hey you”.

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Is that flirting through you?

It deserve to be super tough to recognize what a male is reasoning at the best of times, let alone over text!

If you want to discover out if “hey you” is flirty, you’re in the right place. Let’s obtain into it!

Is “Hey You” Flirty end Text?

There’s absolutely something different around saying “hey you” over text, quite than just saying “hey” or “hi”. The adds a tiny something come the atmosphere of the conversation.

“Hey you” is a much much more playful method of addressing someone. It also creates a sense of intimacy, and implies the you re-superstructure a bond.

But is it flirty?

When someone says “hey you” in a message message, in most cases they are flirting v you. However, you do need to take the context right into account.

If you’ve been text massage a man for a tiny while and he starts speak “hey you”, he’s 100% flirting.

Think around it, why wouldn’t he just have actually said “hey” instead?

On the various other hand, if her guy best friend that you’ve known for ever says it, he could just be saying it in a brotherly way and can not be trying to flirt.

Why Is that So difficult To phone call If “Hey You” Is Flirty?

Saying “hey you” is a very subtle way of flirting.

That’s why it’s so tough to tell if someone is actually trying to flirt.

At the same time, this is why world like saying it to who they have actually a crush on but aren’t official dating. It’s for this reason subtle, there’s no are afraid of rejection!

You can say “hey you” to test the waters and also see if the person you’re text massage starts sending out playful and also flirty text messages too.

Why execute Girls choose It once A man Says “Hey You”?


Most ladies love once a man they choose starts a conversation over message by speak “hey you”.

It feels so much an ext personal than just saying “hi” since it emphasizes that the man is talking particularly to them.

It’s a warm and charming method to greet someone, that instantly makes the other person feel special.

That’s why it’s such a great subtle method of flirting. Don’t underestimate how an effective those two small words deserve to be!

The Best method To answer To A “Hey You” text From A Guy


If a man sends friend a “hey you” message message, you might be wondering how you should reply.

As us talked about above, saying “hey you” is a playful and subtle way of flirting.

This actually provides replying nice easy, yet how girlfriend respond relies on if you choose the guy or not.

You can just play it casual and also pretend you’re not acquiring the hint, or you deserve to respond with something equally as playful.

What room you make the efforts to acquire out of the relationship?

The very first thing you have to decide is what you’re trying to obtain out of text massage this guy.

If you’re just trying to find a casual fling you have to dive straight into sending flirty sexy messages to let him know you’re interested, and find the end if he’s into you too.

However, if you desire a serious connection you can take a much more cautious approach.

Reply through something cute and playful to test the waters and get to know him better.

If you don’t favor the man at every you are much better off sending an easy replies, and if he keeps flirting, the finest thing to do is to simply be ethical with him.

Here space five great ways to answer to a “hey you” text.

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Say other cute

Replying with something cute is perfect since you might be flirting or you can just be really really friendly. Right here are some examples.

“I was just thinking about you!”

“I to be hoping I’d have a article from girlfriend