The definition of the expression "stay gold" in The Outsiders alludes to the city "Nothing Gold have the right to Stay" by Robert Frost, which speaks of the importance of retaining one"s childlike innocence and also optimism in a cold, unforgiving world. In the poem, gold is Nature"s "hardest hue come hold" and refers to the at an early stage leaves in spring, which are only beautiful for a quick time. Johnny supplies the analogy in the city to encourage Ponyboy to continue to be sensitive, pure, and also innocent.

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to "stay gold" way to stay unspoiled, pure, and also fresh. The heat is something that Johnny speak Ponyboy as Johnny is dying. Johnny recalls a well known Robert Frost poem that Ponyboy recited come him when the two were in hiding after your fight with the Socs.

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To "stay gold" means to stay unspoiled, pure, and fresh. The line is something the Johnny tells Ponyboy as Johnny is dying. Johnny recalls a famed Robert Frost poem that Ponyboy recited to him as soon as the 2 were in hiding after your fight through the Socs.

The step in i beg your pardon Johnny first hears the poem reveals that Johnny has much more depth than we have actually seen previously. The reader currently knows that Ponyboy is academic and sensitive, through an intuitive understanding around the people around him. Therefore, the is not surprising the he marvels at the beauty, beauty of nature together he the town hall the sunrise. We have actually seen this next of Ponyboy before, once he and Cherry watch the moon and he thinks about how global it is.

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However, we get a brand-new side the Johnny in the scene, as he is same impressed by sunrise. That says,

"Golly … that certain was quite … The mist was what was pretty … every gold and also silver."

He speak Ponyboy,

"I never noticed colors and also clouds and stuff until you preserved reminding me around them. It seems favor they were never there before."

At the vision of the sunrise, Ponyboy recalls the Robert Frost poem, which the recites come Johnny. Johnny is impressed. Later, in the hospital, just prior to he dies, he tells Ponyboy come "stay gold," which argues that that understands the definition of the line in the poem, "Nothing gold have the right to stay." His reference to this line describes the brief and ephemeral phase of young adulthood as soon as a person has actually their whole life ahead of them.