Honey. Sweetie. Darling. Dear. Sweetheart.

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These are words that we room all acquainted with. And, we’ve most likely all asked ourselves, is that ok to speak to someone honey? Is the ok because that someone else to call me honey?


We all have that girlfriend or household member that uses them or miscellaneous similar. And, heck, we probably use them indigenous time to time, too. But, not constantly for the exact same reasons.

I’ll be the an initial to admit, periodically I obtain really irritated as soon as someone phone call me honey. But, that might be from how I normally use the word and not necessarily the way someone else supposed it.

Many words in the English language have actually multiple meanings, consisting of these words. To illustrate this, ns sharing a few of the more common meanings for the word honey.

honey< huhn-ee >noun, many hon·eys.

a sweet, viscid fluid created by bees native the nectar built up from flowers, and stored in nests or hives together food.this problem as offered in cooking or together a spread out or sweetener.

Sentence:Jane likes love husband on she waffles rather of syrup.

But, i think Websters is absent quite a couple of definitions. So, ns going to help them out v my very own understanding. AND, I’ll use it in a sentence.


A nickname or ax of endearment offered when speak to a loved one.

Sentence:Have a an excellent day in ~ work, Honey.


A nickname or ax of endearment for any incredibly cute infant or animal.

Sentence:You space such a sweet small puppy. Perform you desire me to scratch your belly, honey?


nounUsed to explain a romantic partner.

Sentence:My love husband loves it as soon as I wherein these jeans.


A nickname provided to soften the humiliation someone feels when you allude out miscellaneous stupid they have done.

Sentence:Oh, honey. The food in a hotel’s mini fridge is not free.Honey, every cars require to have oil changes or this is what happens.



A nickname offered to converse with a son that doesn’t understand you. Permits communication without setting off the stranger peril siren in their head.Often provided to change the phrase ‘hey, kid’.

Sentence:Here’s her mitten, Honey. Friend dropped it on the sidewalk ago there.


A nickname used to warning someone that you space angry v them or with a situation and also that they should avoid confrontation through you.

Sentence:(1) Listen, Honey. You’d better stop talking ideal now.(2) Honey, you have actually no clue that you’re talk to.


A nickname offered to it is in condescending, regularly in combination with sarcasm.

Sentence:Sure, honey. It’s been 2 months, however he’s still going to contact you back.


A nickname for younger women/girls provided by older men that enjoy acquiring the stink eye native the targeted female.

Sentence:Why nothing you smile, honey. Friend look for this reason pretty once you smile.



A nickname because that younger women/girls used by unidentified male. Often seen as a reliable indicator that the human being using the word is a pervert.

Sentence:(1) You space too pretty to be sitting right here alone, Honey.(2) have the right to I buy girlfriend a drink, Honey?


A nickname provided for any person they ever interact with.

Sentence:Here’s your change, honey.


A socially accepted nickname used by elderly people for anyone the is younger.

Sentence:Honey, have the right to you help me discover the butter? i think I might be wearing my husband Earl’s glasses. Ns can’t it seems ~ to uncover anything. I have actually a grandson around your age. Friend know, he’s just the smartest boy you ever met. He doesn’t come and see me much anymore. He has such an important job that he can’t get away. Did ns tell you just how smart that is?


A nickname provided as one anger administration tool. While researches have shown it to be contraindicated, that is tho widely believed by the public to lull tempers that both parties during a confrontation.

Sentence:Honey, when I said, we have to clean our rooms today, we didn’t median me.


Now, I’m no saying don’t use the native honey, sweetheart or darling. I’m every for free speech. Ns abhor censorship of any type of kind. And, to it is in transparent, I use those indigenous sometimes.

Just be conscious that if you space not part of my immediate family, chances are, I’m no using words honey in any means you’d want to hear it.

Because of that, as soon as someone claims it to me, I have to remind myself that other human being may be using a different definition than ns am. Sometimes, it is ok to speak to me honey. Sometimes, it’s really not.

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As lot as i think they belong there, ns don’t think any kind of of these definitions will ever make it into Websters. But, hey, you never know, right??



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