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What that does

What does he do?

What the does is one incomplete sentence. It can not was standing on that is own. It might be component a sentence or a part of an indirect question.

For example, you might ask someone what does the do?

The supposed answer may be: the is a teacher.

If you desire to be polite , you may ask an Indirect concern such as:

Do you know what the does?

The expected answer might be:

Yes. I know what that does. That is a teacher


Direct question:

What+ helping ver b+ subject+ do( key verb)

Here helping verb follows the wh-word.

The second part of a complicated sentence or one Indirect concern is what he does

The framework is:

What + subject+ main verb( does)

However, periodically What the does? may be question with a increasing tone in speech or a question mark in the finish in writing?

What the does?

Here is two web links which assist us to understand the differences.



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What is largely used for two things:


asking for information clues something.

"what is your name?"

asking for repetition the something no heard or check of something no understood.

"what? i can"t hear you"


the point that / things that (used in clues something).

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"what we require is a commitment"

(referring come the whole of one amount) whatever.

"I desire to carry out what I can to do a difference"

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