If you"re into K-POP or watch korean dramas, the native featured on this week"s KWOW will sound really familiar come you. Watch episode 55 below:

GAJIMA (가지마) method don"t go. HAJIMA (하지마) way don"t do, don"t, or stop it, depending on the context. Whenever girlfriend hear JIMA (지마), it indicates a "don"t." it is placed after a verb to do it negative.

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As defined in KWOW episode 55, you make a verb negative by… 1. Picking an un-conjugated verb 2. Individually DAH (다) 3. Adding JIMA (지마)

For example, let"s negate the un-conjugated verb "to cry":울다 (ooldah) - 다 (dah) + 지마 (jima) = 울지마 (ooljima)And that"s how you transform "to cry" right into "don"t cry."

How perform you convert "to do" into "don"t do"?하다 (hadah) - 다 (dah) + 지마 (jima) = 하지마 (hajima)Remember, HAJIMA deserve to mean one of the following: don"t do, don"t, or avoid it.

Shall us negate one more verb? for this final example, let"s usage the most necessary verb "to eat," which is 먹다 (mukdah) in Korean.먹다 (mukdah) - 다 (dah) + 지마 (jima) = 먹지마 (mukjima)

Time come QUIZ YOURSELF! Think you have the right to spot JIMA in the complying with videos?

Question #1: Where do you hear the second GAJIMA (가지마) in big Bang"s "Monster"?

GRAND FINALE inquiry #4: How numerous GAJIMA"s and also OOLIJIMA"s can you clues in Davichi & T-ara"s "We to be in Love"?

ANSWERS BELOW. No peeking!

Answer #1: The second GAJIMA is sung at 2:53. Other GAJIMA"s appear at 1:54, 3:01, 3:02, 3:03, and also 3:57. In addition, HAJIMA shows up at 3:05, 3:06, and 3:07.

Answer #2: The an initial GAJIMA is sung in ~ 0:37.

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Answer #3: The fifth GAJIMA shows up at 2:05. Other GAJIMA"s are sung in ~ 0.:03, 0:04, 1:12, 1:13, 2:06, 2:58, and 2:59.

Answer #4: Think you uncovered them all? article your answer be below, in addition to a fun/random/kimbap-rific concern to Professor Oh. The first *five* civilization to gain the exactly answer wins a reply from this week"s KWOW host. No question, no reply. Have fun! :)

Other videos the contain gajima, hajima, and also jima: GD&TOP - "Don"t walk Home"T-ara - "Cry Cry" Davichi - "Don"t say Goodbye" g.o.d. - "Lies"

*** prize TO inquiry #4 REVEALED! (updated July 3) GAJIMA is sung 5 times (0:28, 1:09, 2:02, 2:44, 3:05). OOLIJIMA is sung 4 time (0:13, 0:55, 1:47, 2:41). Go you an alert other formerly featured KWOW words, such together JOA and also SARANG? :)

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