Here is a arsenal of abbreviation that increase your knowledge of the game of soccer (soccer). You might come across letters together favor CM, DM, QT, L and A. Send an e-mail if you miss something ~ above the list.

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Position abbreviations

AM – attack midfielder. SW – sweeper. A player with both defensive and also offensive tasks. He is offered a free role and can offer in some degree as a playmaker and also should also fall earlier behind the defensive line as soon as the opposite side attack.CB – center back. Generally one or two facility backs are used in a formation.CF – facility forward. The attacker that is positioned in the center of the attack line. In modern football the has come to be common to just use one or two attackers; because of this a facility forward may not be quite relevant as a description. LB – left back. Is positioned top top the left part of the protective line.RB – appropriate back. Is positioned ~ above the right part of the protective line.FB – fullback. Another name for the protective player that either plays on the left next (left back) or the appropriate side (right back).LWB – left soup back. Positioned in front of the left ago and the end on the “wing”.RWB – ideal wing back. Positioned in front of the right back.D – defender.DM – protective midfielder.CM – facility midfielder.F – forward.GK – goalkeeper. Frequently only G is used.LW – left wing. Comparable to the left wing back, but usually v a primarily offensive task. In other words, an offensive wing midfielder.RW – right wing. The very same as the left wing, however on opposing wing. M – midfielder.WF – wing forward. An attacker in offensive place on the wing. Similar to the center forward, the wing forward has actually been less typical in the modern game, however could be existing in a 4-3-3 formation.ST – Striker. A similar role as the center and also wing forward.IF – inside forward. In the old job an offensive line might consist of five attackers and also include 2 inside forwards positioned in between the soup forwards and the facility forward and normally a small behind the various other three.OL – exterior left. Same as left-winger.OR – external right. Very same as left-winger.

Match report and also related abbreviations

A – Away. Common in tables.A.E.T. – after ~ extra time. Method that the an outcome concerns a game that has actually used extra time to decision the outcome. So because that example, 3-2 A.E.T. Have to be read as the final an outcome after 120 minutes. Occasionally both the an outcome after 90 minutes (ordinary complement time) and the result after extra time are written out.AW – away win. In various other words, the team that played away won the game. The contrary to residence win (HW).D – draw (draw games). It is common to use this abbreviation in tables.E.T. – Extra time. Additional time the is provided in part cup gamings when the was standing is a draw. No the exact same thing as included time as result of injuries and also other delays during the match. F.T. – full time (i.e. After 90 minute including added time). Frequently used once presenting results. Compare with fifty percent time. Gls. – Goals. Sometimes used in databases.GD. – score difference. +25 would for this reason mean the a team have actually made 25 an ext goals 보다 scored versus it.H – Home. Typical in tables.H.T. – fifty percent time (i.e. ~ 45 minutes in a football game). Compare with full time.HW – house win. In other words, the team that played on residence ground won the game. Together – ns (lost games). The is typical to usage this abbreviation in tables.P – play (games). That is common to usage this abbreviation in tables.Pts. – Points.QF – Quarter-final.Vs. – matches (could likewise be abbreviated with only v.). This is regarded all kinds occasions as soon as a team meets another, prefer in Brazil vs. England.W – victory (won games). The is common to usage this abbreviation in tables. W/o – Walkover, which means that a team wins there is no a contest, for example because of the other team withdraw from competition.

Misc abbreviations

AFC – association Football Club. A usual abbreviation for British clubs.Apps – appearances, which refer to the variety of matches a player has participated in.FC – football Club. A an extremely common abbreviation together a component of a clubs name. This abbreviation can differ depending on the language. In Spain, for example, it"s usual with the abbreviation CF, which stands for Club de Fútbol.SC – soccer Club, not as usual as FC in name of clubs.

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Football association and competition abbreviations (acronyms)

AFC – eastern Football ConfederationCAF – Confederation Africaine de FootballCL – Champions organization (not an main acronym).FA – football Association. The English football association that was established in 1963.FIFA – Fédération Internationale de football Association. The global governing body of the video game of football.UEFA – Union des Associations Européennes de Football. The europe governing human body football and most powerful after FIFA.

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