1 : one who has an individual enmity for another Embrace, embrace, mine Sons! it is in foes no more!— Alexander Pope

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Synonyms & Antonyms for foe

Synonyms: Noun

Antonyms: Noun

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Noun Many taken into consideration him a foe of democracy. Her capacity was recognized by friend and also foe alike.
Recent examples on the Web: Noun and also if the Los Angels Chargers, Denver Broncos and Las las vegas Raiders aren’t enough to compete with, yes sir the issue of background lurking as a formidable foe: The Super bowl Loser’s Curse. — Jarrett Bell, USA TODAY, 11 Oct. 2021 Long before Trump ran because that president together a foe of the Republican Party establishment, Farrel was a thorn in the side of the Republican Party establishment in Palm coast County. — Anthony Man, sun-sentinel.com, 12 Aug. 2021 all the while, Delta was creating itself together a an ext formidable foe than the ones that had actually come before it—more contagious, much more antibody-evasive, and, follow to part early and also tentative data, an ext apt to drive disease. — Katherine J. Wu, The Atlantic, 10 Aug. 2021 Rhode Island replaced Baylor as ASU"s opened day foe. — Michelle Gardner, The Arizona Republic, 3 Aug. 2021 currently the firm is taking on a classic web foe: email. — Lily Hay Newman, Wired, 27 Sep. 2021 and no foe, no issue how achieved or very ranked, poses one insurmountable problem. — Howard Fendrich, sun-sentinel.com, 10 Sep. 2021 and no foe, no matter how achieved or extremely ranked, poses an insurmountable problem. — BostonGlobe.com, 9 Sep. 2021 Not only did the Wolverines exorcise some of their demons from last season in former of a almost full big House, their previous mark of dead — together one of 4 top-25 teams ever to lose to an FCS institution — flourished a little lighter as next week’s foe, No. — Ryan Ford, Detroit cost-free Press, 6 Sep. 2021

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History and Etymology for foe


center English fo, from Old English fāh, from fāh, adjective, hostile; akin to Old High German gifēh hostile