I keep hearing this indigenous "ese" (also assignment "esé" or "ése") ~ above TV offered when parodying civicpride-kusatsu.net speakers. It"s frequently used in a very funny way to suggest friend or homie yet I can"t tell what the means. Googling produced mixed results where some stated it to be a fake word supplied only in Hollywood, others asserted it just meant friend, and some claimed its choose using the n-word.

Can someone clarify the meaning of ese (as supplied in this context) and explain if it is derogatory or not? If clear don"t want to usage it if the is!

Additional information from comment:

I"ve watched it in comedy sketches by an essential and Peele. Key often talks in a mock civicpride-kusatsu.net speaking accent. I"m not sure what nationality or ethnicity it is claimed to represent, however the jokes space of a sort of parody-like nature in the he is skirting the line between funny and racist together comedians periodically do. Example: eastern Side Locos Tagger

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Looking at the video you mentioned, and doing some googling, it turns out that ese (which has actually the gramatically correct meanings mentioned in the other answers) is a Spanglish slang to describe someone, generally the human you space talking to. There room no scholastic sources for that, yet here"s a an extremely plausible explanation:

In some places, "ese" (pronounced es-say) is simply a slang method of refering to a guy. No different than dude, bro or man. <...> In short, ese have the right to be a neutral hatchet for any kind of average male or it deserve to be a explain of one"s corridor affiliation.

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Ese is a demonstrative adjective (quiero ese libro, I desire that book) or a demonstrative pronoun (quiero ese, I desire that one). Together a pronoun, it"s periodically written with an accent on the stressed syllable: ése. (RAE, check out the 1st meaning that ese, esa, eso)

Ese deserve to be supplied to refer to people, and it sometimes has a pejorete connotation (RAE, check out the 2nd meaning of ese, esa, eso):

No conozco al tipo ese. (I don"t know that guy.)

Ese es un imbécil. (That is a moron.)

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I am type of weirded out by this thread!!! i am indigenous California, however the strange nitpick on the use of ese in mexican dialects sounds virtually like it’s being answered by a bunch of folks who either walk not prosper up or have been exposed to usual “California/Baja” civicpride-kusatsu.net usage, Idioms or slang, but are tho of mexican descent, or that is being answered by more people who never spoke civicpride-kusatsu.net in your lives, perhaps trying to uncover a translations to a picture or similar joke. You aren’t going to find a appropriate translation online for this use of the word..

It’s actually simpler than every this. To answer the question alone, for this circumstance only, it deserve to be changed in English with any kind of of this words:

Homie, Holmes, Bro, Dude, etc.

if an accent is heavy, that is because the person saying it has a heavy accent. A mexican ACCENT, and also anyone repeating it the doesen"t belong come that sort of Barrio culture, is showing what lock hear native Mexicans saying it. Or, making funny of Mexicans. Not cool, homie.

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(Homie switched the end for ese).

The use of this word, and also whether it is maliciously to plan or in good faith, counts on if that is being said one of those methods or not, exactly like exactly how it is in English. If you to be to use one of the equivalent words i stated above...

“What’s your problem, Bro?” sounds menacing, hostile in english “Hey! Bro! How’s the going?” sound friendly in English. “Dude! friend shoulda seen it!” sound neutral in english too.

However, girlfriend still would certainly not say that neutral use of ‘Dude’ while talking to your an excellent aunt Beatrice, right?

And similar to in English, these Bro, Dude and so on names are slang, and also you would certainly never speak to grandpa “Bro” and demand a high five. That rude.

So, “que onda, ese?” (or the indistinguishable english “What’s up, yo?” ) space phrases no one would ever use as soon as speaking to grandma, loved ones or respected ar members, but this intake is OK among peers, the just common slang i m sorry anyone might find offensive, it simply depends on who thinks that way.

I think its favor using the angry “N” word gift white, no issue how good of a friend you room to an african American person, you don’t obtain to use it. Ever.

This ascendancy can be used to anyone who isn’t mexican trying to use "ese" together slang. *Not cool, Brah.* At ideal you"d do a fool of yourself, in ~ worst, depending upon where you are, you might get in trouble you didn"t need to gain in to in the very first place. Always use typical sense.

However friend DO gain a totally free pass using "ese" together slang if you are trying come sing follow me to any kind of Cypress Hill lyrics and you have to sing come "Insane in the Membrane"-

nobody cares if girlfriend can’t control yourself cuz nobody can,

also if you space paraphrasing her favorite lines from any kind of movie depicting Barrio society

In general, similar to all slang, if you need to ask, you should probably not be using it, yet if you desire to know simply to recognize what’s walk on if you hear it, there’s no reason to not be privy to the social intake of a slang word in a language that you SHOULD recognize if you room living in specific areas the the united States.

Summed up, any means you deserve to think of to use “Dude” in English, aside from its proper, webster’s thesaurus use of the ax in to the to horse ranches etc. Is what “ese” means in the mexican dialects of civicpride-kusatsu.net in this context only. Overlook all the various other urban dictionary stuff and other suitable uses.