many thanks to modern technology and the Internet, text massage has come to be our main way of communication, v abbreviations, slang, and emojis taking center stage.

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Of course, there is a time and also place whereby abbreviations and jargon are permitted, and we will show you precisely how you deserve to use that efficiently, beginning off through CTFU.


What walk CTFU mean?

CTFU is web slang for Cracking the f*** up, and it is most frequently used on social networking websites when talking to friends and people v whom you nothing have any kind of professional partnership with.

It is frequently used come express one’s amusement, similar to how you would use ROFL, LOL, or ROFLMAO.

However, using it is quite restricted from a society standpoint, provided how the F in CTFU is one acronym for profanity.


When have the right to I usage CTFU?

As stated earlier, CTFU is mainly used together a type of internet slang on one of two people social media communication or publicly forums.

However, keep in mind that unlike LOL, ROFL or ROFLMAO, CTFU isn’t together well-known, so you risk being misunderstood if you usage it through the not correct people.

More so, because CTFU reflects that you uncovered something (such as a comment or a picture) come be very amusing, don’t usage it too often, otherwise girlfriend risk shedding credibility.

Lastly, save in mind that CTFU can be used as a independent response, or it deserve to be attach by added comments. One of two people way, the same in its entirety message will be delivered.

Here’s an example when to use CTFU:

Person 1: take a look at this funny cat video!

Person 2: CTFU, ns can’t believe it!

When do not do it I usage CTFU?

CTFU should never it is in used throughout formal conversations, such as with employers, clients, or her peers through whom you don’t desire other than a experienced relationship.

Additionally, because the abbreviation consists of profanity, it shouldn’t be used when talk to people you respect, such as your parents, grandparents, or the elderly.

As an included tip, try to stop from making use of CTFU as soon as you nothing actually uncover something to be all that amusing, together an LOL or a laughing emoji will certainly suffice.

Here’s an example of once NOT to use CTFU:

Client: i think we have to pay your firm just $1000 that the $2000 promised.

You: CTFU!


In order to wrap things up, here’s everything you should know about CTFU:

Avoid utilizing it in occupational environmentsIt should mostly be offered in message formIt expresses an extremely high level that amusementAvoid utilizing it with people with whom you would never ever use profanityTry not to overuse it unless what you space responding come is actually funny

We hope the this article made the clear as soon as you should or shouldn’t usage CTFU in a conversation, and that it aided you far better understand the language the today.

If you want to learn much more about just how to properly use net slang, or how to stop accidentally making use of it at the not correct time, leave united state your proposal in the comments ar below.

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We will upgrade the articles accordingly, and also write new guides covering other usual slang words.