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About your CADD-Solis VIP Pump

figure 1. CADD-Solis VIP Pump

About her infusion

An infusion is as soon as medication is put right into your bloodstream with a vein end a duration of time. When your infusion is finished, girlfriend will have to disconnect your CADD-Solis VIP pump from your CVC line. You have to follow the measures in this source to disconnect the pump and also de-access your implanted harbor if needed.

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You’ll recognize your infusion is finished once your CADD-Solis VIP pump beeps, the display screen screen mirrors “reservoir volume 0”, and also your pump reflects the words “infusion complete.” Your therapy will it is in finished even if over there is still fluid in your bag. This should take place close come the date and time your healthcare provider write below.

Date: ___________

Time: ___________

During her infusion, ar your pump at or above your heart level. As soon as you’re sleeping, location your pump alongside you on her bed. Don’t place your pump on the floor.


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Removing the Battery of her CADD-Solis VIP Pump

Before girlfriend disconnect her CADD-Solis VIP pump, girlfriend will have to take out the battery. The battery is situated on the height of the pump. Prior to removing the battery, push the “stop/start” button and then push “Yes.” to take out the battery, rotate the battery compartment lock on the battery door. The battery door will certainly open. Now you’re ready to disconnect your CADD-Solis VIP pump.

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Disconnecting her CADD-Solis VIP Pump with Non-Chemotherapy Infusions

You’ll should remove the pump tube from your CVC. This is dubbed disconnecting. The tubing is connected to a clave i beg your pardon is the part the IV tube that’s linked to your CVC.

Follow the steps listed below to disconnect your CADD-Solis VIP pump:

figure 2. Closeup of the door clamp

Clamp your CVC (see number 2).Twist the empty syringe counter-clockwise to eliminate it native the clave.Open the SwabCap. Put the SwabCap top top the clave through firmly pushing it in and twisting the clockwise.Put all the used supplies right into your sharps container and also put top top the lid. If you’re additionally de-accessing her implanted port now, you can keep the same gloves top top to execute this.

Remember to bring your backpack, CADD-Solis VIP pump, and tubing come the Pediatric Ambulatory treatment Center (PACC) at your following visit.

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Disconnecting your CADD-Solis VIP Pump Infusing Chemotherapy

Follow the steps below to disconnect your CADD-Solis VIP pump infusing chemotherapy:

Gather your supplies. These supplies will be provided to girlfriend or bespeak by your medical care provider. You will certainly need:1 (10 mL) syringe prefilled with normal saline1 woman adapter Equishield closed-system maker (for pediatric patients)1 pair that nonsterile gloves2 alcohol pads1 gauze padA hefty plastic container with a tight-fitting lid (such together a plastic coffee container). Label the container “Chemotherapy Sharps.”Make sure the container is solid enough that needles can’t poke with the sides.Don’t usage plastic or paper bags.Wash her hands v soap and also water for at least 20 secs or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.Put top top the gloves.Prepare your common saline syringe. To perform this, follow this steps:Pick increase the common saline syringe. Organize it with the tip facing up.Loosen the cap, yet don’t take it off.Push the plunger gently to push any type of air out of the syringe.Retighten the cap.Set the syringe down on her clean workspaceIf she a pediatric patient, girlfriend will have a complete Equishield closed-system with male and also female adapters on her line. Monitor the steps below to prepare your typical saline syringe and also equashield adaptor, and also continue to action 5:Open the Equishield mrs connector however leave it in the package.Pick up the typical saline syringe. Hold it with the tip dealing with up.Loosen the cap, but don’t take it it off.Push the plunger gently to push any kind of air out of the syringe.Remove the cap.Attach the common saline syringe to the Equishield connector through inserting the tip into the luer-lock connection and turning clockwise until tight.Set the syringe under on your clean workspace.Follow the clean CADD-Solis VIP pump pipe to whereby it connects come the clave on her CVC.If she a pediatric patient, monitor the procedures here and also then continue to action 6:Disconnect the mrs connector native the masculine connector by advertise the red and also white tab in and pulling the 2 connectors far from each otherConnect the normal saline syringe (with the woman connector attached) come the CVC by matching the red stripes top top the woman connector to the red strips ~ above the masculine adapter (red and also white tab) and pushing with each other until friend hear a click and can’t pull them apart without pushing in the tab.Use the push/pause technique to do the washing up the tubing through 10 mL of typical saline:Push under on the plunger to conveniently inject around ⅓ that the saline right into the clavePauseInject the following ⅓ that the salinePauseInject the last ⅓ of the salineClose the second clamp (the one closestly to her body) therefore it’s pinching the clean tubing.Twist the north syringe to remove it indigenous the clave.If she a pediatric patient, girlfriend will have a full Equishield closed-system with male and also female adapters. Twisted the Equishield closed-system tools counter-clockwise (to the left) to remove it native the clave. Her clave will remain attached to your CVC. Eliminate the male adapter, mrs connector, and syringe all together when you’re done, continue to action 9.Open the disinfection cap. Placed the disinfection cap on the clave by firmly pressing it in and twisting the clockwise (to the right).Put all the offered supplies into your Chemotherapy Sharps container and put ~ above the lid. If you’re also de-accessing your implanted harbor now, check out the section “Flushing and De-accessing her Implanted Port.” You have the right to keep the same gloves on to flush. Ago to optimal

Flushing and also De-accessing her Implanted Port

You will have to remove the needle from your implanted port. This is dubbed de-accessing. Prior to you de-access her implanted port, you need to flush it through normal saline. This will keep it from coming to be clogged.

Follow the steps below to de-access your implanted port:

Flush her IV tubing v normal saline

Clean the clave v an alcohol pad 15 seconds. Let the dry for 15 seconds.Take the cap off the syringe with normal saline by transforming it counter-clockwise (to the left).Push the syringe with normal saline into the clave and also turn the clockwise (to the right).Use the push/pause technique to flush the tubing through normal saline:Quickly inject ⅓ that the regular salinePauseRepeatQuickly inject the last ⅓ that the normal salineTwist the syringe counter-clockwise (to the left) to remove it from the clave.Clean the clave through an alcohol pad because that 15 seconds. Let it dry for 15 seconds.Close the 2nd clamp (the one closest to her body) so it’s pinching the clean tubing.

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Take the needle out of her needle site

Remove the dressing over your implanted port. Peel the tape off your skin.Take the needle the end of her needle site. To execute this:Hold the base with the 2 fingers of your non-dominant hand (the hand you don’t create with).Gently press the base of the security hinge against your skin.