You"re Going come Love Addis Ababa

One the Africa"s most necessary cities, Addis Ababa is home to virtually 3.5 million people. Sitting atop the highlands alongside the good Rift Valley, the city sprawls over much more than 200 square miles, housing a startling range of historic and social attractions. And, if you desire to acquire out, there are the substantial Entoto mountains to explore right over Addis Ababa.Within the city center, Addis Ababa boasts monumental style and every one of the grandeur that deserve to be intended from any type of national capital. Good churches, mosques, and museums market respite, solace, education, and inspiration to travelers from approximately the world. Meanwhile, timeless Ethiopian food and also dance space on consistent display throughout the city.

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Addis Ababa, if cosmopolitan, is still a location where authentic Ethiopian culture is on complete display. Even if it is you"re drawn by that history, that art, or the cuisine, there"s many to be surprised through here.

1. Wonderful Museums

Those who are unfamiliar with Ethiopian culture, and also its avid admirers, regularly enjoy the many museums of Addis Ababa. The nationwide Museum the Ethiopia, because that example, is a world-class establishment featuring artifacts from Ethiopia"s storied old civilization come today. Much more recent background is shown at the Red Terror Martyrs" Memorial Museum, which chronicles the famine of the 1990s and also is staffed through survivors that state atrocities.

2. Spiritual Architecture

Like plenty of capitals, Addis Ababa is house to world of many faiths, and also numerous grand churches and also mosques fill the cityscape. St. George"s Cathedral is known for the beautiful paintings and mosaics, when the Anwar Mosque impresses with its size.

3. Entoto mountain Hike

Mount Entoto towers end the city and also the bordering landscape. Those looking come drink in a distinct view are motivated to setup a job hike as much as the summit, which need to take about fifty percent a day. Additionally, the is possible to take a taxi come the summit because that under Br300.

4. Exceptional Cuisine

Ethiopian food is delicious, rich, and unique. The nationwide dish features injera, one unleavened bread that is spongy and also slightly reminiscent of sourdough. Assorted stewed meats and also vegetables are offered on height of injera, and also no tools are offered - just scoop the food in the injera and also enjoy!

5. Bustling Markets

Ethiopian crafts and clothing space beautiful, and also Addis Ababa is a great place come buy them. Numerous of the city"s markets offer hrs of entertainment, if only due to the fact that of the widespread practice of haggling v sellers.

1. Mountain Entoto: sacred Mountain, Soulful People

Arguably the birthplace the humanity, the mystery of Ethiopia as among the world"s most interesting however least recognized travel destinations is finally getting out, due to a booming economy to match the country"s enormous natural, cultural, and also historical wonders. Boasting elegant new hotels, amazingly great restaurants and a host of major infrastructure improvements, the capitol city that Addis Abada is an adventurer"s gateway to exotic landscapes, tremendous wildlife, the many UNESCO human being Heritage sites in Africa, and some the the world"s friendliest, most beautiful people. Because that many, the adventure starts on a minibus come the breathtaking heights of mountain Entoto, which rises 10,499 feet end Addis Abada between a thick forest the eucalyptus trees. Historically far-reaching because it to be the palatial home of Emperor Menelik II, the founder of modern Ethiopia, the mountain"s plenty of monasteries and celebrated churches quiet affirm the reputation as a spiritual place.

2. Arada Giyorgis: Venerable St. George"s

Founded in the 4th century, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is just one of the world"s earliest Christian churches, and also represents much more than two-third"s of the country"s 100 million inhabitants. Few of that heritage can be traced to the octagonal-shaped, gray-stone exterior the St. George"s Cathedral, which dates back to the 15th century. A pilgrimage site because that Rastafarians, the church has seen Ethiopian aristocracy crowned and torch fires set by Italian fascists in the 1937 war. Ornately cloaked in paintings and also mosaics, the Piazza cathedral"s compelling history is outlined v many religious artifacts in ~ its museum.


3. Addis Mercato: The shopping center Was never Like This

Sidestep the heavily-laden donkeys and the quick-footed porters transferring humongous odd-sized tons on their head at Addis Mercato, a fixed of people, stalls, and also goods thoroughly involved in totally free enterprise - until every little thing stops as a herd that goats cross the road. Reputed to be Africa"s biggest market, offering every little thing from pungent Ethiopian spices and the world"s best coffee to silver jewelry and also shoe shines, the mercato is an unforgettable experience. Couple of places provide an chance to find some order and beauty in what looks prefer unmitigated chaos.

4. Meskel Square: take a Cab, please Take a Cab

The website of a 1,600 year-old feather festival, and countless windy gatherings and also demonstrations, Meskel Square is Addis" largest square and a prime location for people watching, including those aspiring Olympian runners that train there. See it yet don"t journey there. V no traffic lights, no roundabout and also nary a cop in sight, it might be the many insane intersection ~ above the planet.

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5. National Museum the Ethiopia: Lucy on The Ground v Diamonds

Lucy, that was named for a Beatles song, lived near Addis Ababa 3.2 million years ago, spending most of her time in the trees. When she struggle the soil to forge for food she would certainly walk on 2 upright legs, a trait that might make Lucy - whose well-preserved, fossilized skeleton is hosted at the national Museum - our oldest direct human ancestor.