No doubt the you’ve viewed a windsock before. However it would certainly surprise friend how small is known about what it actually is and what it’s offered for. We’re happy to define that come you! at the end of this write-up you will understand everything around windsocks and also their usage worldwide!

What is a windsock?

A windsock, as we know it today, is a conically shaped tube made the woven textile i m sorry is offered to measure up both wind direction and also speed.

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How is a windsock mounted?

They are placed on a distinct installation. These commonly consist of a steel mast make of aluminum or galvanized steel. The mast is placed on a metal structure so that it have the right to withstand high wind speeds. A steel basket (or so referred to as swivel frame) is placed on optimal of the mast, which can rotate 180 levels horizontally. The windsock is attached come this, so the it have the right to move freely depending on where the wind come from.

Depending ~ above the application, one installation have the right to be simple or expanded. Because that example, lighting can be inserted on the installation if it’s an alleged to be visible at night. The mast can also be made tiltable, so the the bag deserve to be replaced much more easily.


What’s the function of a windsock?

Windsocks are supplied in miscellaneous industries. The score is to offer staff or other attendees a rapid indication of where the wind is coming from and also how hard the wind is blowing. The most generally used location next to the runway or helipad at an airport. This permits pilots to quickly estimate the wind direction and speed before take off.

But they’re also used in factories or industrial area’s whereby hazardous gases or substances have the right to be released. In the event of one emergency, attendees can easily estimate which method the hazardous substances room being blown, in bespeak to identify the best possible escape route.


What go the color of a windsock mean?

The red / white strip is the most famous version that you’ll frequently see together of the road. Yet many different colour are used internationally, such together orange (striped), green, blue and fully orange. In general, the color are liked in such a way that the entire installation is clearly visible in contrast with the background. Virtually no blue windbags are supplied in the maritime world. However at airports where there’s a the majority of grass approximately the runway, environment-friendly windsocks will hardly ever before be used.

But a environment-friendly windsock is really useful near a nature reserve whereby a red/white windsock is not constantly allowed. Near locations like that, a eco-friendly windsock is a perfect solution.

Are windsocks calibrated?

Brand brand-new windsocks are produced according come the guidelines of the ICAO. This way that all present models space calibrated to be fully inflated at wind speeds of 15 knots or more.

What are the windsock rate charts?

The stripes top top a windsock are not just chosen come be clearly shows from a great distance. If a strip is “blown up” by the wind, you can use the to review the existing windspeed.

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3 knots6 knots9 knots12 knots15 knots or more

Windsock suppliers

For the most part, the ideal location to buy a windsock or finish installation is indigenous an global specialist. For example, Holland Aviation is an professional in the manufacturing and also international shipment of windsocks and installations. This way, you’re always assured of a high quality product, created in accordance with the usual rules and also regulations. View our selection of windbags to uncover a an ideal windsock for your very own needs.

By now, you have to be a genuine windsock expert! carry out you still have actually questions? you can always contact one of our experts. Contact us and we will certainly be happy to assist you on your way!