When many people plan to gain a brand-new roof, lock don"t realize that most roofers won"t manage the disposal of their current roof. The contractor will rip off the old shingles to prep the roof for brand-new materials, but you"ll have actually to remove those shingles yourself. Friend can try loading it all up into a truck and making a couple of trips come the dump, but renting a dumpster rather will be much easier. You"ll have to estimate the weight of the old shingles so girlfriend can gain a dumpster that"s the best size.

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Calculate the load of a Bundle of her Shingles

The best method to estimate the weight of your old shingles is through figuring the end how numerous bundles were laid onto your roof. You have the right to calculate the bundle lot by making use of your roof"s square footage. Each bundle is 33 square feet; if her roof is 1200 square feet, that method you have actually 36 bundles of shingles. The load of each bundle counts on the kind of shingles that you have. Here"s a failure of some usual roofing materials:

Asphalt shingles commonly weigh 60-80 pounds per bundleClay tile shingles are around 200-300 pounds every bundleSteel roof panels selection from 50-100 pounds every bundle, depending on how reinforced lock areBundles of concrete tiles weigh about 200-300 pounds

If your present roof uses an uncommon product or friend would prefer to be as specific as possible, you might need to ask the roofer who at first completed her roofing job or have your current contractor carry out an estimate. Some shingles, such as asphalt, are often laid in layers to add additional resistance come the wind and rain, therefore make certain you count each layer once calculating the load of your old tiles.


Pick a Dumpster That"s the right Size

Once you have actually the square footage of her roof and the load of that is materials, you should contact a local company to certain a dumpster rental for shingle disposal. Component of what renders renting a dumpster a convenient option is the the firm will provide the bin in ~ a scheduled day and also time, place it close to the residence to make getting rid of of the shingles easy, and pick the up as soon as scheduled to allow the roofing crew come start occupational on your brand-new roof through minimal disruptions. Because you"ve currently calculated your roof"s square footage, you"ll usage that to calculate the dimension of the dumpster you"ll need. Dumpsters are designed to hold particular tonnages, so you should give your dumpster provider the approximated weight to gain a bin that deserve to safely take care of the load of your shingles.

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