Most states have actually laws requiring that you pass under bridges in ~ a sluggish speed. Girlfriend should constantly reduce your speed and also proceed v caution near any type of bridge or man-made structure that decreases visibility and passage.

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Many bridges are high enough to enable normal boat passage. However, part bridges carry out only short clearance during normal conditions or periods of high water.Many drawbridges open and also close as soon as a watercraft arrives. To inquiry passage, contact the leg operator making use of sound signal or a VHF maritime radio.Be mindful that debris can collect about pilings that bridges and also create attention obstructions.


Sailboat operator should constantly check clearance of the boat’s mast before passing under bridges. This deserve to be very an overwhelming to recognize from the operator’s position on the boat. On charted waters, the graph will indicate bridge clearance in ~ a certain water level. Current water level and tide must be factored in come determine existing clearance.

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