Description: 20 secs sound clip from the Kung Pow! get in the Fist movie soundboard.

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You have the right to hear this heat at 00:25:02 in the DVD variation of the movie.

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- Let him hear it. Oh, that"s tender. That is tender.

- say thanks to you.

- I have actually been called bad before. Countless have stated I perform things that room not correct to do.

- i don"t think in such talk as this.

- i am nice guy with happy feelings every one of the time!

- First, a joke. What perform you get when you cross an owl through a bungee cord? mine ass. Nyah, ha ha! Ha ha!

- Enough!

- Gentlemen, from this particular day forward you will certainly all describe me by the surname Betty.

- yet isn"t Betty a woman"s name?

- Easy, easy! we don"t desire to shed any more toes here.

- You"ll all have to excuse grasp Pain uh, Betty.


Top rated lines from this movie

I"ll take it a lb of nuts. -That"s a lot of nuts!
I am nice guy with happy feelings every one of the time!
I will certainly write their following hit, maybe. A-boom-boom chickie-chickie boom-boom boom-chickie chaka-chaka-choo-choo.
Huh! the is evil. My, that is so evil! the is a bad, bad setup that will hurt many civilization that are good.
Kung Pow! enter the Fist Sound Clip


The ideal sound clips the quotes and also movie lines sampled native Kung Pow: go into the Fist (2002). All the selected audio documents can be openly downloaded.

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Actors: Steve Oedekerk (The preferred One and also most the the original cast"s voices)

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