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Are you searching for a food or water key for your ferret?

Are you certain you know just how to pick ferret bowls?

You would certainly be surprised how numerous factors you have actually to think about when picking a key for them. Think around the product and around the design because that is no a strange sight if you watch a ferret digging in the water bowl. Now, ns don’t want to discourage you, I desire to help you v that job so proceed reading my post and you will find the answers you space looking for.

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Bad Ferret Food and Water Dishes

Bowls that Come v Ferret Cage

Almost every ferret food and also water dishes the come through a cage aren’t great choices. Those are mostly made that plastic through a simple design the a ferret deserve to trip end in seconds. The is why you should get the ideal food key for ferrets so friend don’t have to clean the mess every few seconds.

Not encourage Ferret Water Bowl

There is one water bowl, in reality a bottle, ns don’t recommend. It is a bottle created hamsters and also rabbits. You place it upside under on the next of the cage and also it has actually a small ball top top the end of the bottle. Animals drink out of that by advertise the sphere away with the tongue.


Those party aren’t good for ferrets since they can damage their teeth with excessive use. Also, if the bottle isn’t do of high-quality materials, it will leak and you will have a wet mess on the floor no matter if her ferret tips the water bowl or not.

Ferret Feeding bowl Materials

There aren’t that numerous materials offered in developing ferret food and water bowls. The most usual ones room plastic, ceramic and also stainless steel. All of them are OK, but each material has actually its pros and cons. So, let’s take a look at each material up close.

Plastic Ferret Bowls

Plastic is the most common material provided in producing food and also water bowls. The is the cheapest, you can pick the color, the size, also the form of the bowl. But, not every plastic is safe and also you can’t use them every for feeding bowls, no matter the animal or even human.


The problem with plastic bowls is the truth that you will ultimately scratch them. It have the right to happen during cleaning, coincidentally dropping on the floor, or with continual use. Those scratches top top the bowl room a perfect location for bacteria come grow due to the fact that you can’t clean that tiny space.

With time, some plastic deserve to release BPA (bisphenol A) or various other harmful chemicals in food or water. That means you have to use just food and water key for ferrets the come through a BPA-free sticker ~ above them. Even then girlfriend aren’t totally safe so you need to replace them quite often.

Ceramic Feeding Bowls

The 2nd material is ceramic. This is no that popular material and also people mostly pick it due to the fact that ceramic bowls space heavy. This is good for ferret owners due to the fact that a ferret can’t trip over a ceramic food bowl the easily. Also, your ferret won’t have the ability to move the bowl about the cage which is just another plus.


Keep in mind that the ceramic bowl is made of ceramic. That way if you drop it, the bowl is gone. If girlfriend chip it, you can’t use it anymore. That is no that sturdy so you have to be careful with it. Also, ceramic bowls space the most expensive ones. That is no a good feature, specifically if you need to be extra cautious not to rest it.

Another reminder: ferrets are stubborn therefore it can take a while, but the bowl will probably end up upside under or ~ above the other end of the ferret cage.

Stainless steel Food & Water Bowls

The ideal ferret food and water bowls space made that stainless steel. Stainless steel bowls space the best ones because that every pet, not simply ferrets. The best stainless steel advantage is that it is safe, we human beings use it because that food and water too. Also, that is very durable, much better than plastic and ceramic combined.


The great thing is that you have the right to easily find them in plenty of sizes and also in plenty of designs. As soon as it comes to the price, lock are right in the middle in between ceramic and also plastic although lock are much closer come the ceramic price 보다 the one for plastic bowls.

But, not everything is perfect. Back stainless stole is a an excellent material, it has actually its downsides. The greatest one is that is a pretty light material, however not as light together plastic. That method you can be absolutely sure that your ferret will expedition the bowl.

Food & Water bowl Designs

So, if you want to to buy the finest water and food key for ferrets, you have to think around the design of the bowls too. We have already established that ferrets don’t simply drink in a water bowl. Ferrets are additionally digging in a water bowl and also tripping the bowls upside down. With that in mind, you recognize that a straightforward bowl is no the appropriate solution because that you. So, what design is the finest one? Let’s see.

Bowls through Rubber Bottom

A simple rubber bottom bowl architecture is made to protect against pets from relocating the bowl around. The is mainly made that stainless stole (which is great) and also it has a thin rubber wrapped at the bottom that the bowl.


It is a pretty nice design and also it might work with other pets, however it doesn’t job-related with ferrets. Yes, that is more tough to move the ferret water bowl about but once a ferret sets its mind come it, the will execute it. I would recommend this architecture for a cat or dog, yet not for a ferret.

Important note: if your ferret loves come chew on practically anything, don’t allow it near anything make of rubber. If her ferret swallows a part of rubber that can cause a blockage.

Bowls Attached to The Cage

There is one details design the works through ferrets and that is to affix a ferret bowl to the ferret cage. The very first version of this design is make in one piece. That is largely plastic (which is no the best solution) and you affix the bowl straight to the cage.

The great thing is that ferret won’t have the ability to move the bowl, however you will view the ferret digging in water bowl. The bad thing is the it is not straightforward to clean and also not simple to placed it elsewhere in the cage.


If you desire to clean the key (or relocate it around) you need to remove the entire bowl from the cage and that deserve to take time, especially if that is screwed on. If there is some sort of a clip, climate the entire instance is lot easier and I approve of that.

Bowls through A Ring top top The Cage

The better, boosted version of the design I described above is this one. These bowls space made that stainless steel and also they come with a wire roughly them you connect to the cage. The wire is favor a ring that holds the key in place.


I love this style because friend can quickly remove the ferret food and water bowl from the cage to clean it or to fill it up. Girlfriend don’t need to touch the frame, only if you desire to relocate the whole bowl.

But, this style isn’t perfect. If girlfriend don’t place the bowl low enough, her ferret will have the ability to grab it in ~ the bottom and toss it across the cage (yup, they room that smart). Her ferret will certainly tackle the bowl also easier and also faster than basic ferret feeding bowls on the floor.

Bowl In A key On The Cage

The last style I desire to share through you is the finest food key for ferrets. It is comparable to the last two designs, however with an additional improvement. This ferret water bowl is actually made of 2 bowls, one in the other. The plastic key comes with a tiny screw and also you connect it to the ferret cage.


Then come stainless stole bowl. This one comes inside the plastic bowl and it is provided for food and also water. Ns absolutely adore this style because this is the only one the end of numerous ferret food and also water dishes ns tried the is quiet intact.

Basically, the plastic bowl acts as a frame for the stainless steel bowl. That holds the bowl in place and your ferret have the right to grab it and also scratch it at the bottom as long as needed, yet the bowl won’t move. Friend can conveniently remove it from the frame to clean the up and the ferret deserve to play with the plastic one because that ages.

My Ferret Food & Water bowl Experience

I have actually bought approximately 10 various food and also water bowls till I’ve discovered the finest food bowl for ferrets. Ns am an technician by job so i look at points from a helpful side first. The illustration is no that important, however if it looks nice it is only a plus. That is why this entire experience lasted the long however I have the right to really say the in the finish couldn’t it is in happier v the outcome.


The first bowl combo to be the one the comes v the cage and also it to be a an easy ferret food bowl and water bottle. ~ that, ns bought stainless stole ones v rubber bottoms. That didn’t critical long. My third an option was a plastic food key you can attach to the cage and also it was conquered in a matter of weeks.

My longest choice was a stainless steel bowl with a thin ring around it. It was simple for me come use and ferrets did expedition it over, but I regulated to settle that through some duck tape. Us lived with those ferret food and also water bowl for nearly 4 years until my DIY project with duck tape cracked. So, ns was back to square one.

Then, one day, I’ve uncovered the last style I mentioned and it to be a breakthrough – the bowl in a bowl. The only thing I had actually to carry out was connect the key to the cage. No matter how tough my ferret want to reminder it over, it was an difficult task. Ns really hope it will certainly stay favor that forever.

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You can choose the ideal food key for ferrets v ease if you know what come look for. Make sure that you know how your ferret acts approximately food and water bowls. If her ferret is among those who life mission is to expedition water bowls, then choose the one friend can affix to the cage. If her ferret doesn’t mind around that, then you are among the lucky ones and the just thing you need to worry around is the material of the ferret food and water dishes.