What do Clams Eat? Clams space classified as mollusks of course Bivalvia. They have two shells which room closed by abductor’s muscles.

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Some varieties are uncovered in freshwater while rather in marine environs. Clams mostly feed ~ above planktons uncovered in water.

Clams eat with a process referred to as filter-feeding.

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Type that ClamDiet
Giant seashells (Tridacna gigas)Phytoplankton, zooplankton, and algae.
Asiatic shell (Corbicula fluminea)Plankton.
Razor clam (Siliqua patula)Phytoplankton (dinoflagellates and diatoms)
Soft shell Clam (Mya arenaria)Zooplankton, phytoplankton, benthic diatoms, and dissolved organic materials.
Nut shell (Nucula proxima)Bacteria and decomposing essential materials.

Clams Diet by Types

Over 15,000 species that clams exist. Examples of clams will be discussed in this section, including their wanted habitats.

They room filter feeders consuming phytoplankton and also zooplankton found in the water. The huge clams likewise consume the sugars and proteins developed by algae that live on your tissues.


Giant clams attain their massive size because of feeding on the proteins and also sugars developed by the algae that reside in your tissues.Giant clams have a symbiotic connection with zooxanthellae (algae) that live in your tissues.They acquire food indigenous the algae while the algae benefit from having a safe home to live and also thrive.They can grow to around 4 feet and can weigh as much as 500 pounds. They inhabit warm marine waters the the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Asiatic shell feeds ~ above plankton.


The Asiatic shell is commonly found in vast distribution in Asia, South and also North America, some areas of Africa, and also Europe.The Asiatic seashells is a little bit smaller compared to various other clams, and they spot a light green to irradiate brown color.This shell inhabits lakes, ponds, streams, and also rivers.

Razor clam’s diet has a vast array of phytoplankton which may encompass dinoflagellates and also diatoms.


The razor clams are significant for their elongated bivalves.Their shells have the right to reach as much as 160 mm, and also they have the right to live for around 18 years.They deserve to be uncovered in intertidal beach areas as well as subtidal regions of depth of about 20 meters.

Soft covering clam is a suspension feeder, frequently consuming a diet the zooplankton, phytoplankton, benthic diatoms, and dissolved necessary materials.


The soft-shell clams, also dubbed as sand gapers, space oval-shaped, thin and also they flourish to a length of 4 inches.Within their shells lies a soft body that constitutes of gills, a muscular foot, a heart, a stomach, and also a kidney.They inhabit muddy and sandy bottom of bays and also estuaries.

Nut shell feeds on bacteria and decomposing organic product that accumulation on the seafloor.


The nut clams are noteworthy for their elongated shells which have pointed posterior ends.They generally inhabit the muddy and sandy bottom of the marine waters.
The vital differences in between clams and also oysters room that the shell of a shell is smooth with no ridges and flashy when an oyster has actually a sturdy and also hard external shell.Clams room generally found in freshwaters whereas oysters prosper in naval habitats.There are various sub-species the oysters and also clams. True oysters carry out not develop pearls.

Clams achieve their food v filter feeding.

Water include food material (zooplankton or organic material) start via the incurrent siphon.The water then passes through their gills. Here, the water meets with glue-like mucus where the food particles are trapped.The trapped food is climate transported through the cilia come the labial palps and also then to the mouths of the clams.The water the passed through the gills leaves the seashells via the exhalant siphon.

Clams display screen diverse activity. Because that instance, large clams often display screen nocturnal activity. Together a result, they tend to interact in more locomotion and also feeding in ~ night.

How often clams feed depends on numerous factors, and one such facet is locomotion.

Locomotion reduces v age meaning as a clam it s okay older, it move less, which indicates lower activity and thus lessened food consumption.Younger clams are active and will for this reason tend come feed an extremely often to encourage growth.Further, together clams metamorphose, they often tend to readjust their diet.The reorganization of feeding actions results in their greater mortality rates (as castle metamorphose).It is likely that the confusion during the reorganization the feeding outcomes in less regular feeding.

A vast range of biology considers clams to be vital source the nutrition.

Humans likewise include a variety of clams to their vast palate.

Clams are necessary to the animal food chain. They provide a an excellent source that nutrition to numerous organisms, including human beings who harvest castle in different parts the the globe.

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