How big are B Cup dimension Boobs?

There was when a time when 34B was the median bra size in the USA. In fact, ideal from the invention of cup sizes, a ‘B’ was taken into consideration average. That’s since the very an initial cup-sized bras only came in three sizes – Small, Medium and also Full Size, later on to be known as A to C. For this reason if her breasts were neither tiny nor big, they to be a B.

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However, the lingerie industry has come ~ above a long method since those beforehand days that cup-sized bras. And with a B cup (or also C cup) now being the top size available by numerous small-bust professional brands, have the right to we still contact B cup breasts nice average? Or are they simply taken into consideration small?

The prize is not as clear reduced as you could imagine. How huge a B cup is actually counts on the band dimension it’s attached to. Check out on to discover out more.

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What does ‘B cup’ mean?

A B cup size method that you have actually a 2” difference between your underbust (ribcage) and overbust (around the nipples) measurements. Similarly:

A 1” difference would it is in an A cupA 3” difference would be a C cup.

This means that how large B cup boobs really room is loved one to the band (ribcage) size. Someone who is a 38B will have actually larger breasts that someone who is a 32B, since although your breasts stick the end the same distance, they will be wider. 

So the ‘B cup’ label – or any kind of cup dimension – is really more about form than size. About how far your breasts protrude, fairly than the full amount of breast tissue there. Her B cup breasts could have the exact same amount of tissue as someone else’s A, C or D cup! If you’d prefer to find out more about why this is climate we indicate reading the Bra sister Sizes section of our bra sizing aid page.

A true B cup is the breast dimension of someone that wears a 34B. However, together they show up to be the only brand do this statement, take it it with a pinch the salt! in ~ the end of the day, if friend wear a 40B girlfriend still have actually a B cup size for all practical, bra-shopping purposes.

What walk a B cup watch like?

Given that B cup breasts space not all same sizes, the best method to know what they look like is to watch some real instances on various band sizes. 

In the bra size images for B cup below, you can see the the lot the breasts stick out from the human body doesn’t readjust all the much. And also yet, the breasts clearly get larger overall as the band dimension increases.

B cup breasts examples (bra size pictures):

b cup breasts next view
Left come right: 30B, 34B, 38B Images via Bratabase

B cup bra sizes and comparisons

A B is a typical cup size, and hence friend will uncover it readily accessible on numerous band sizes. Here is a list of B-cup bra size from smallest to largest: 26B, 28B, 30B, 32B, 34B, 36B, 38B, 40B, 42B, 44B, 46B, 48B, 50B.

B cup vs. C cup

B → C is one cup size larger so, assuming the band dimension is the same, the C cup breasts will certainly stick the end 1” more.

B cup vs. D cup

B → D is two cup sizes larger so, presume the band size is the same, the D cup breasts will stick the end 2” more.

A cup vs. B cup

B → A is one cup size smaller so, presume the band size is the same, the A cup breasts will certainly stick the end 1” less.

How much do B cup breasts weigh?

Once again, the answer to this is: it varies! B cup breasts top top a smaller band size will weigh much less than B cup breasts on a bigger one.

According to assorted online articles, a B cup weighs the very same as:

1 pair the heels2 hamsters5 cockatiels15 pancakes23 episode rolls11,200 bees

Yes, the last one is really surprising! climate again, a bee just weighs one tenth that a gram. That would put each B cup breast at around 560g. However as explained, B cup breasts on larger band sizes are more comprehensive and thus will sweet more.

Perhaps the breast weight guide you can find online that’s most most likely to be specific is this one. The illustrates the bra sister sizing that we stated earlier, reflecting that a 30B chest weighs the exact same as a 32A or 28C one. According to this chart:

One 30B breast weighs 0.5lb (~227g)One 32B chest weighs 0.6lb (~272g)One 34B breast weighs 0.7lb (~318g)One 36B breast weighs 0.9lb (~408g)One 38B chest weighs 1.2lb (~544g)One 40B breast weighs 1.5lb (~680g)One 42B chest weighs 1.7lb (~771g)One 44B chest weighs 2lb (~907g)

So carrying approximately a 30B chest won’t put much strain on your muscles, however carrying roughly a 44B one is not much off from strapping 2 bags of sugar to her chest! friend don’t require to have actually a D+ cup dimension to have actually heavy breasts.

How large are B cup breast implants?


This is a cheat question, because there’s no such thing as a ‘size B cup’ chest implant. There room three factors for that:

Implants are sized by volume

Breast implants just aren’t categorized via a letter-based system, favor cup sizes are. Instead, implants room sized by volume, measured in CCs (cubic centimeters). They range from approximately 80cc increase to roughly 1,200cc.

Bigger breasts need much more adding to go up one cup size

If girlfriend take an additional look in ~ the list of B cup weights above, you’ll notice that the weight increases aren’t same distributed. Because that example, going from a 30B to a 32B adds 0.1lb in weight, when going from a 42B to a 44B to add 0.3lb in weight.

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Since breasts on larger band sizes are wider, you need broader implants for them which will weigh much more / have actually a higher volume. Widths for breast implants selection from 7.4cm v to 17.2cm. It’s because of this impossible to have a single implant dimension that makes any type of person go up by specifically one cup size.

Bra sizing varies

Just as you may wear a medium t-shirt from one brand and also a huge from another, therefore too execute lingerie brands have slightly different fits. Someone who commonly wears a 32B will get their best fit in a 32A or 32C in a grasp of brands. So no plastic surgeon can guarantee you’ll come to be a perfect ‘B size cup’, because no one put on the same cup size in every solitary bra band.