NameChad Javon Johnson a.k.a Chad Ochocinco
Net Worth$5 million
Age43 (born January 9, 1978)
ResidenceFort Lauderdale, Florida
PositionWide receiver
Marital StatusDivorced (2012)
SpouseEx-wife Evelyn Lozada
Source of WealthNFL, soccer, endorsements, investments
Salary$46.678 million over 11 seasons
EndorsementsReebok, GoDaddy and also Unilever’s degree Men deodorant
Endorsement Earnings$130,000 annually

Born in Miami, Florida top top January 9, 1978, Chad Javon Johnson is a cost-free agent vast receiver in the nationwide Football League. He i graduated from Miami Beach an elderly High school in 1997 and then visited Langston University. He transferred to Santa Monica university in California. Climate to Oregon State university in 2000. 

The six-time Pro-bowl winner play 11 periods in the NFL, beginning with the Cincinnati Bengals who drafted the in the second round that the 2001 NFL Draft. After perfect a decade v the team and setup a franchise document for receiving yards (1,355), he to be traded to the new England Patriots because that a three-year contract ax in 2011. However, he to be released by the team in simply a year due to his negative performance. Simply days later, he to be signed by the Miami Dolphins, only to be released a month later because of his arrest for residential abuse. 

In 2014, he signed a two-year contract with the Montreal Alouettes that the Canadian Football organization (CFL) and also played five seasons. In 2015, his lack from causing obligation training brought about his suspension, and also eventually to the discontinuation of his contract. 

In 2017, “Ochocinco” went back to the ar for mexico team Monterrey Fundidores the the Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional and also led the team to a 14-6 win versus the Saltillo Dinos.

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Despite being one of the NFL’s most well promising vast receivers, with nearly every Bengals receiving record, and also the “Most influential Athlete In society Media” in 2011, Johnson’s career suffered as result of his antics, both ~ above the field and also off-field too.


Chad Johnson’s network Worth in 2021

Despite a career full of ups and downs, Chad Johnson controlled a net worth that $5 million over his 11-year run v the NFL. Endorsements, truth TV appearances, and also other short-lived endeavors contributed to the athletes" network worth.

Chad Johnson’s Salary

Johnson’s last revenue from the NFL to be $925,000 from his 2011 contract with the new England Patriots. His contract with the Miami Dolphins finished prematurely and he did no receive any kind of payment together a result. He amassed $46.678 million v his 11 seasons as a vast receiver. 

Chad Johnson’s Endorsements

Chad Johnson endorsed major brands like Reebok, GoDaddy, Unilever’s degree Men deodorant, and a nationwide pistachio commercial. In February 2016, Johnson endorsed Bernie Sanders because that President that the unified States. He lost several proof deals, such as with drink firm Zico, as result of his arrest in 2012 on fees of domestic battery.

Chad Johnson’s other Sources that Income

Johnson designed and released an iphone game dubbed Mad Chad in partnership v RockLive in 2010. The sportsman additionally made plenty of appearances ~ above TV shows, including his own segment “Child, Please” on sporting activities Soup, talk display “The T. Ocho Show” top top Versus through teammate Terrel Owens and a dating present “Ochocinco: The can be fried Catch” top top VHS.

Johnson is additionally a experienced soccer player and also signed v the national Premier Soccer organization side Boca Raton FC in October 2018 as a forward. The adhering to year, the resigned native the team for the 2019 spring UPSL season and also led the team to victory the south Florida Championship.

Chad Johnson’s House and also Car

Johnson purchase a six-bedroom four-bathroom 3,410 sq. Ft. Residence in Miami Gardens home with a $150,000 loan, which the failed to pay back, leading to the foreclosure of the property. The mansion is precious $1.1 million today.

Instead of splurging ~ above exotic cars, Johnson bought and also re-designed a SmartCar. The original auto is precious $18,000, yet Chad gave his own touches come it, providing the automobile a makeover.


Chad Johnson’s Charity Work

In the 2005 NFL season, Johnson ready a checklist that the protective backs that extended him. The list, titled “Who spanned 85 in’05”, to be recreated virtual by Degree and Yahoo in 2007. Pan voted for the NFL quarterback that Johnson would most likely play with and each vote increased money for Chad’s charity project, feeding the Children. He also foot-raced a thoroughbred racehorse through a 100m head start for charity in 2007. 

How much did Chad Johnson do in his career?

Chad Johnson has earned just brief of $49 million end an 11 season career in the NFL.

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How lot does Chad Johnson do a year?

During the moment he to be employed together a large receiver, Chad Johnson earned $925,000 native his contract with the brand-new England Patriots and Miami Dolphins.

What go Chad Johnson carry out for a living now? 

Chad Johnson is a retirement NFL wide receiver. He has actually been a cost-free agent due to the fact that 2013. Details that his current resource of income and profession are unknown.