1. The correct answer is A) three quatrains and a rhyming couplet.All of Shakespeare"s sonnets have actually this structure - three quatrains (a stanza of four lines), and a couplet (a stanza of two lines). The other options are common for every sonnets, however only Shakespeare"s sonnets are a bit different when it comes to stanzas.2. The correct answer is C) humorous and also realistic.The poet is talking around his love one in a strange path - he is relenten her using unconventional words to express his love. He says that she is no beautiful, that she is actually quite the the contrary of what a lady need to look or behave like, but that he loves her nevertheless.3. The correct answer is B) metaphor.Metaphor is a number of decided in which you compare 2 or an ext things, however without making use of comparative indigenous such together "like" or "as." so here, the poet is comparing his love one"s hair v wires, alluding to your similarities.4. The exactly answer is B) part ducks, which to be cute and fluffy, begged for food.A is not correct because the method this sentence is written, it would certainly seem that the table had actually a red-and-white checkered pattern, and not the cloth; C is incorrect because the way this sentence is written, it would certainly seem the burner was boiling over, and also not the sauce. 

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1. A 2.C 3.B 4.B 100%

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1. What characteristic unique to shak spa sonnets is found in "Sonnet 29", "Sonnet 116", and "Sonnet 130"?A. Three quatrains and also a rhyming couplet2. What is the ton of Sonnet 130 which begins "My mistress" eyes room nothing prefer the sun"?C. Humorous and realistic3. Which number of speech is used in the line listed below from "Sonnet 130"? “If hairs be wires, black color wires flourish on her head.”B. Metaphor4. I beg your pardon of the complying with sentences screens a correct usage of modifiers? B. Part ducks, which were cute and fluffy, begged because that food. 

Here are the answers:1) : 3 quatrains and also a rhyming couplet.2) : humorous and also realistic.3) : metaphor.4) : "Some ducks, which to be cute and also fluffy, begged because that food."

The answers space the following:1. A) 3 quatrains and a rhyming couplet. Most of Shakespeare"s sonnet have same structure which is 3 quatrains (a stanza of 4 lines), and also a couplet (a stanza of 2 lines).2. C) humorous and also realistic.The poet is explicate the human he love the many in a strange way.3. B) metaphor.Metaphor is a number of speech the compare things without the the use of any comparative indigenous such together "like" "as".

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1. What characteristics unique to shak spa sonnets is uncovered in "sonnet 29", "sonnet 116", and "...