Having just commemorated 10 years together a company, TNA is potentially encountering the greatest set-back in their existence.

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The joined State’s number one satellite television provider, DirecTV, is planning come pull every Viacom channels from their network as of midnight today.

Viacom provides 26 networks to DirecTV consisting of MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon and also Spike TV, which currently airs affect Wrestling.

DirecTV serves television programming to over 30 million families in the unified States and also is the method by i m sorry the bulk of Impact’s united state viewers song in.

If the arrangement is gone with with, TNA’s already declining audience—despite the raising quality that the product—will be can not to song into impact Wrestling.

TNA has been ~ above a roll because moving into their live timeslot, and also both Slammiversary critical month and also Destination X this past week were fantastic pay-per-views.

The firm doesn’t deserve to challenge this major issue in ~ the height of your existence.

Not only is a large portion the the current viewerbase shed if this setup goes through, however so is the potential for impact to draw new viewers and greater ratings.


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If TNA is compelled to find one more carrier for impact Wrestling, the agency will it is in majorly collection back, to placed it mildly.

TNA’s roster have actually all required to Twitter rallying your American pan into activity with the line “No Spike TV method no Impact.”

Impact Wrestling’s website has actually featured Hulk Hogan, Jeremy Borash and also Dixie Carter in number of videos pleading v fans to call DirecTV and voice your complaints.

As that this Thursday Spike TV had made arrangements because that TNA to obtain a 3 hour timeslot rather of the usual two, with the brand-new pre-show regime “Rewind”.

For the moment, whether or not impact will be presented on Spike through DirecTV this Thursday is totally up in the air.

TNA urges DirecTV client to gain in contact with the provider and to voice your disapproval if they desire to see affect Wrestling this Thursday.

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