When servicing equipment, refrigerant recovery is a legit requirement. It has actually been a mandated component of the servicing process since 1993. However, us still obtain a variety of questions, which raise our concern for the security of service technicians when performing this vital function. Therefore, we assumed it timely to carry out some tips the can aid you recover refrigerants safely and avoid possible personal injury or damages to her equipment. Numerous of these referrals are the same as for taking care of refrigerants in their original container.

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• Use an individual protective equipment including safety glasses with side shields, gloves, and also safety shoes when filling and handling restore containers. Use a tough hat if forced for the job-related area.• protect against skin contact with fluid refrigerant because it can cause frostbite.• since refrigerant vapor is heavier 보다 air, it will certainly concentrate in low areas. Avoid these locations unless proper ventilation is provided.• protect against inhalation the refrigerant vapor. Be mindful that inhalation that high concentration of refrigerant vapor is harmful and may cause heart irregularities, unconsciousness, or death.• Recovered refrigerant will frequently contain part amount the oil, i beg your pardon can show up as a white cloud or fog. Do not breathe oil mist if it must be emitted throughout the restore process.• exercise caution when relocating filled restore containers.• that is recommended the all service technicians periodically evaluation the product MSDS to be reminded of crucial safety information.Some additional recommendations use specifically to the recovery process and recovery cylinders:• before filling, examine the restore container and valve for indications of damage, such as dents or corrosion. Do not to fill a damaged restore container.• Make sure the cylinder is correctly labeled through the kind of refrigerant.• perform not mix refrigerants in the recovery cylinder.• Ensure that the recovery equipment, restore cylinder and hoses are rated because that the refrigerant you are recovering; examine with your devices supplier.• do not overfill the container.• restore cylinders need to not it is in filled if the existing date is more than 5 years past the test day that is stamped ~ above the shoulder that the cylinder. 


Due to their higher pressure, R-410A and R-402A (HP-80) should be recovered in a 4BA400 or 4BW400 high-pressure restore cylinder. Part refrigerants choose R-422A, R-422D, R-407C, R-404A, R-408A, and R-507 have the right to be recovered in a typical 4BA300 or 4BW300 restore cylinder; however, these very same refrigerants have to be recovered in a high-pressure 4BW400 half-ton restore tank since the reduced pressure fifty percent tons are only rated for 260 psig. Because that recommended recovery cylinders through refrigerant, you re welcome consult the manufacturer/refrigerant supplier.Do no overfill the cylinder. Liquid refrigerant will increase as the temperature is increased. If the cylinder in which method becomes fully full the liquid, the pressure deserve to increase dramatically with a reasonably small rise in temperature.Refrigerant manufacturers and others who fill cylinders have to know exactly how much refrigerant to put in the cylinders for this reason as no to become liquid full under typical storage/use temperatures, and even at temperature that much exceed these common conditions. Now that restore of supplied refrigerant is ending up being a usual practice, contractors and also service technicians likewise need to know this.Typically, the cylinder need to not it is in filled to much more than 80 percent liquid full at 77°F. One more guideline is to no exceed the gross weight (total load of the container and also its contents). Inspect with your refrigerant providers or reclaim provider for details recommendations.Most human being in the HVACR sector who routinely manage refrigerant cylinders recognize the concept of “saturation pressure vs. Temperature.”When over there is part amount of liquid refrigerant in a cylinder, the pressure associated with a offered temperature will certainly be the saturation pressure. This is the information that is listed in pocket P-T charts the are generally used in the industry.If there is just refrigerant vapor in the cylinder, then the vapor is explained as a “superheated vapor” and the pressure associated with a offered temperature does no follow the standard P-T curves.If the cylinder somehow becomes completely full of liquid, then various other pressure-temperature relationships take over and there is the opportunity of one unsafe situation. In a “liquid full condition” the push in the cylinder deserve to increase an extremely rapidly with reasonably minor increases in the temperature. The style pressure the the cylinder have the right to be exceeded and also the cylinder relief valve could start to vent the high-pressure refrigerant. In a worst-case scenario, the cylinder might burst, resulting in property damage or personal injury. Table 1 mirrors pressure-rating data because that two typically used recovery cylinders.

R-22 COMPARISONS with R-410A

To show the effect of temperature and also pressure, a collection of calculations were performed on R-22 and also R-410A. Fig. 1 assumes the a restore cylinder, filled through R-22, was correctly filled come a for sure liquid level the 80 percent in ~ 80°. Together the temperature increases, the fluid refrigerant increases inside the cylinder, however the press will still follow the saturated P-T curve until it i do not care liquid complete at 145°.At this suggest the pressure starts to boost rapidly with increasing temperature. In most normal situations, a cylinder would certainly not reach this temperature uneven it is in a fire or save on computer in a ar subject to an extremely high heat loads. The minimum relief valve setting for a DOT-4BA300 cylinder will be surpassed if the cylinder reaches 145°.Fig. 2 mirrors the same details as Fig. 1, yet with additional information on R-410A. It is exciting to keep in mind that R-410A starts out at a higher pressure, but does not increase as swiftly in press as R-22 as soon as the cylinder becomes liquid complete at 145°.

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Fig. 3 reflects R-22 with two added curves. These 2 curves i think the cylinders room improperly overfilled to 90 percent and also 95 percent fluid level in ~ 80°.As indicated in the graph, these 2 cylinders would end up being liquid complete at a much lower temperature (about 130° and 105° respectively). In these 2 situations, it is much much more likely the the relief valve would be activated, specifically for the cylinder the was improperly overfilled come 95 percent liquid full. It is also possible the cylinder burst pressure could be exceeded.The relief valve is draft to stop this from happening. But in an extreme case, such as a fire, the capacity of the relief valve can be exceeded.Note: R-22 was used as an instance because it is extensively used and also familiar to most in the HVACR industry. Most other generally used refrigerants would certainly exhibit very similar behavior under comparable conditions.