Did you recognize there is only one lot of of 8 in the subsequent tens, except when the units place is a zero (40 and 80 room an example)? However, multiples of 8 monitor a pattern of 8, 6, 4, 2, 0 in the unit's place.In this mini-lesson, we will calculate the multiples the 8and learn exciting facts around these multiples.

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First five multiples the 8: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40Prime administrate of 8: 8= 2 × 2× 2 = 23
1.What space the Multiples of 8?
2.First 30 Multiples that 8
3.Important Notes
4.FAQs top top Multiples the 8
5.Challenging Questions

Do you remember the multiplicationtables? Let united state see exactly how it help us know the definition of multiples while we list the very first five multiples that the number 8.

The an initial five multiples of 8are 8, 16, 24, 32, and also 40. You can see the the multiples the 8are in the table of 8.The multiples the 8 are all the numbers that an outcome from the multiplication the 8 by an additional whole number orinteger. Basically,a sequencegoes on where the numbers room of the kind 8nand thedifference in between each succeeding number and also the preceding number is 8.


Any number that can be ofthe form 8nwhere nis a natural number, is a multiple of 8.Multiple the 8 = 8n(wherenis any natural number). Us can also use divisionto uncover out if a number is a multipleof another. Because that example, 80÷ 8 = 10signifies 80 is a lot of of 8.

Here are the first 30 multiples of 8:


To know the principle of finding multiples, let united state take a few more examples.

Important Notes:

The firstand the smallest multiple of any type of number is the number itself.Every many of a number is greater than or same to the number itself.If a number is a many of another, it will divide exactly, not leaving any type of remainder.

Challenging Questions:

I to be a multiple of 8 and also a multiple of 9.As much as my position is concerned, i come between 200 and also 300. Guess which number to be I?I to be a lot of of 8, 9, and also 15.I am greater than 300 however less than 400.Guess i m sorry number to be I?

Example 1:Four friends Ria, Joe, Sam, and also Tom made decision to pluck flowers from the garden in the order of the first four multiples of 8 respectively. Deserve to you list the number of flowers that each of castle plucked as a collection of the first four multiples the 8?


The very first 4 multiples the 8are 8, 16, 24, and 32. Thus, Ria plucked 8flowers.Joe plucked 16flowers.Sam plucked 24flowers.Tom plucked 32flowers.

Hence, Ria, Joe, Sam, and also Tom plucked8, 16, 24, and also 32 flowers respectively.

Example 3:Noah attends music classes i beg your pardon are scheduled onceevery eight days. Starting from the 8thof October, he marked thosedates ~ above the calendar. Compose down the days he willmark because that his upcoming class that will bescheduled in the month the October.

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As every the schedule from 8 hours October, Noahwill attend his classes together per the multiples that 8. Multiples that 8 are8, 16, 24, and also so on. In the month the October, there are 31 days.Hence, Noah will certainly attend music class on 16th October and 24th October after 8th October.

Example 4:A gardener planted 8 climbed bushes in the an initial week. The next week he included 8 much more rose bushes. He ongoing to execute the exact same until the fourth week. How many bushes walk he plant bythe end of the fourth week? Which collection of multiples is being complied with here?


We understand that the gardener planted 8 busheseveryweek.Hence, through the end of the 4th week, he planted 32 bushes (8 × 4 = 32)