A drey is where a tree squirrel or paris squirrel lives. Tree squirrels, in this case, refer to squirrels the live in trees, and the paris squirrels are likewise tree-dwellers, despite they have actually a distinct flap that skin which allows them come glide hence the derivative surname of flying. The drey is a nest made of dried materials including twigs, grass, and leaves on optimal of the trees wherein the squirrel dwells most of the time. These structures are also called drey colonies to distinguish them from the dens that other types of squirrels live. Squirrels favor forks in trees about 30 come 45 ft from the ground. They likewise sometimes construct their dreys in ~ high points on human being structures including attics or outer walls that buildings. This, however, poses a risk for human beings since such external walls and attics room usually near electrical cables which squirrels periodically chew through creating a fire hazard.

Construction Materials

The process of the building of dreys begins with the collection of leaves and also twigs after identifying the location. The materials used are varied depending upon the location and the types of squirrel, this materials selection from barks and also leaves the evergreen trees by the east gray squirrel. The southerly flying squirrel has actually been it was observed to use fungal tree in addition to parts of deciduous trees and other twigs. In some cases, the same varieties of squirrel such as the northern flying squirrel uses different building materials depending upon its location. In phibìc America, the will usage shredded bark if in the Pacific phibìc West it supplies lichen together the key material.

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Construction Process

The twigs and branches kind the exterior of the drey if the within is make of grass, shredded bark, and also other finer materials. A complete drey resembles a hollow foot-wide orb, having one or occasionally two entrance holes arched in a method that keeps the rain out. The 2nd hole is generally an escape course from predators. However, in part cases, 설 설 take end dreys the were constructed by various other squirrels however are presently abandoned. The drey almost ensures the survive of the squirrels by maintaining out predators and also adverse climate. Therefore, lock require consistent maintenance after building and construction to save them in great shape to have the ability to withstand the elements. The average drey is provided for a year or two, yet others have been supplied for years by several generations that continually include fresh twigs and other materials.


Males and females may live in one drey during the reproduction season, but this is only for a quick period. This is because pregnant females stay alone in dreys till their young room born, which is typically three the them and also twice in a year the is in January and also in June. The persons born in January are increased in tree cavities while those born in June stay in dreys.

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Other squirrels may likewise huddle increase in the same drey once it is cold during winter because that warmth.