In a current conversation with a friend, she said, “water seeks its own level.” I assumed for a minute and also then said, “I’ve never heard that before.” over there were 5 of united state in this conversation and I was the just one that hadn’t heard this saying. Quickly, the other four souls started explaining your own knowledge of water search its own level. One friend commented, “it is simply a complex way the saying birds of a feather i m crying together.”

Then ns did what ns so regularly do … i Googled it. There ns found countless points the view including this clinical quote “Everybody knows that ‘water looks for its own level’ however very few people know why water seeks its own level. The reason has most to carry out with water pressure depending on depth.”


Lyndia Grant, author and motivational speaker says “water seeks its own level simply means quality civilization of integrity discover other quality world of integrity and vice versa. The also way high quality finds high quality and also low high quality finds short quality. This is true in business and in life.”As I started to ponder this ns took a sharp look in ~ my life, what I invest time on, what i read and the conversations ns have. Minister Allen Jackson said, “show me her calendar and also your bank account and I have the right to tell you what is important in her life.”


If water seeks its very own level and also I am Christian climate I should be seeking come be like Christ.

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The apostle Paul guides united state in 1 Corinthians 11:1 “Be imitators of me, together I to be of Christ.”


I’ve chose I really prefer this saying. Water seeks its very own level. If I desire to adjust the quality of world I to be attracting … readjust my level. Readjust the means I think, readjust the points I do, the things I read, the points I spend my money on, readjust my conversation.

Change my level to become much more Christ-like.

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In the publication Heaven on Earth Francis J. Connelly to write “Like water seek its very own level, if you think in Jesus you will affect all those friend come into call with, saturating them through faith, love, and also hope. The higher your love because that Jesus, the higher will be the outpouring.”


I recently finished reading Love Does by Bob Goff. (btw – I extremely recommend it.) Bob said, “We room not defined by our failures or even our successes, us are defined by Christ in us!”

I can wrap my head approximately this. Ns desire to be much more Christ-like and also spending time in study and fellowship with other Christians is definitely one that the ways I can select to raise the level of my life and also my relationships.