Monk is a television series that was created by Andy Breckman, certification Tony Shalhoub. Adrian Monk is the key character in this comedy-drama detective mystery. The series ran indigenous 2002-2009 top top USA Network. Monk functions police and crime procedures, through both comic and also dramatic explorations that the show


After listening come Trudy"s critical message, Monk finally discovers who killed his wife. Racing against time before he die of poison, he must make a fateful decision.

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Monk is referred to as to a crime in ~ the ar where he very first heard the news that his wife"s murder and begins the most crucial investigation the his life.

To acquire reinstated, Monk must go camping through the kid of a committee member... And shot to settle a crime.
Sharona concerns San Francisco to collection a negotiation from a country club after she uncle accidentally dropped to his death. However, Monk realizes that her uncle to be murdered and begins one investigation, only to uncover himself caught in the middle when Natalie and Sharona argue over him.
While Monk investigates the mysterious fatality of an office building"s maintain man, Natalie tries to arrangement a surprised party for Monk"s date of birth
Monk is required to attend Dr. Bell"s group therapy sessions, and he starts to doubt that a murderer in the group might be going after ~ the various other patients.
Monk is called in to unravel a situation involving voodoo dolls sent to people who quickly die... And also Natalie is the next target.
Monk investigates the killing of an writer who created a critical biography the a famous deceased martial arts movie star, Sonny Chow. The evidence present at the scene provides it show up that Chow is quiet alive and also murdered the male who maligned him.
When a hitman is operation over through a bus, the FBI realize the he"s an accurate twin because that Adrian Monk and also ask the detective to learn who the killer to be going after.
While traveling, Monk and Natalie becomes involved with the loss of a girl reportedly abducted by a UFO.
While investigate the situation of a murdered maid through an unexplained solicitous killer, Monk meets an african widower in search of the killer that his wife.
After the attempted killing of a former child star from Monk"s favourite show, Monk accept the task as her bodyguard.

Monk is a television collection that was produced by Andy Breckman, starring Tony Shalhoub. Adrian Monk is the main character in this comedy-drama detective mystery. The collection ran native 2002-2009 top top USA Network. Monk features police and crime procedures, v both comic and dramatic explorations that the show

Monk is a collection that is at this time running and also has 8 seasons (125 episodes). The series very first aired ~ above July 12, 2002.

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Where to clock Monk

Monk is easily accessible for streaming on the USA website, both individual episodes and also full seasons. Friend can also watch Monk on need at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, apple TV and Peacock.