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NEW YORK — among the thousands trying come escape the crumbling twin Towers top top Sept. 11, 2001, were tiny kids from the Children’s discovery Day treatment Center in ~ 5 world Trade Center, a small building across from the iconic skyscrapers.

“It was amazing, the kids did not cry, the children were for this reason calm,” day treatment worker Karen Caycedo recalled. “But we had actually to keep as lot of ours composure as we could since it to be all about them.”

Some of those kids were infants. Caycedo said she remembers the job “very clearly.”

“I had kids at mine table,” Caycedo recalled. “I was by myself in the room.”

She was amongst the employees who carried a couple of of the children, if others organized hands and also simply ran.

“It was exhausting trying to carry and finding our means to safety and I experienced shopping carts lined up and I just got hold of them and we all placed them and also in and we just headed away,” she said.

“I felt prefer were — the earth was coming,” Caycedo added.

Miraculously, every kid was saved. At some point Caycedo’s team made it to a Lower east Side school.

“I remember placing them down in your cots and also making sure each and also every body to be asleep,” Caycedo said. “That’s as soon as all similar to broke down.”

Communication was virtually nonexistent in the after-effects of the attacks. Art Chang and his mam Allison were left frantically in search of their 16-month-old son, Ben, who was a college student at the Children’s discovery Center.

“On the one hand i’m thinking, about the worst that can happen,” Chang recalled. “On the other hand, i felt for this reason confident the would’ve provided their lives for Ben and so learning that, you recognize I had actually a the majority of hope the he would certainly come out of the job OK.”

Chang stated everyone roughly him — himself consisted of — to be staring in ~ TV monitors replaying the moment planes crashed right into the pair Towers and the Pentagon and also the aftermath of the crash in Pennsylvania.

Hours passed prior to the Changs were told Ben to be safe.

“All the kids were lying in their cots, with their blankets taking their nap together if nothing had actually gone wrong,” Chang said, smiling. “And we just sat in this dark room and listened to the youngsters breathe and just have this suffer of gift together and feeling alive.”

Caycedo said she thinks around her students and the Changs “every single day.”

Karen and also the Changs continued to be in touch through social media, yet haven’t viewed each other face to challenge for 14 years.

Ben was 16 months old when they were last together. He’s a teenager now.

Just days before this year’s anniversary, News’ cameras brought Karen, Art and Ben together, reunited at the 9/11 memorial.

“It’s overwhelming however it’s amazing,” Caycedo stated through tears. “It’s amazing to watch him all grown up.”

Ben stated he, understandably, has no storage of that day.

“But coming below , seeing the pools and all the names is overwhelming,” that said.

5 people Trade Center, where the Children’s Discovery facility was housed, continual serious damage in the attacks and also was demolished. News took Karen and the Changs to an additional day treatment center, Paradigm Kids, a few blocks away, come reflect.

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“In so plenty of ways, our stays were saved because of you,” Caycedo said Ben v tears. “Because you gave us the stamin to get you home.”

“I feel prefer I fan you my life,” Ben replied. “I’m eternally grateful, and also I simply feel choose I’ve known you my entirety life.”

And when asked whether they’ll gain together again. The an answer was a unanimous one.