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IMPORTANT!! PLEASEREAD these INSTRUCTIONS BEFOREFIRING THE note III.1. LoadingProcedure 3. Discharge ProcedureA. Insert invited magazine making certain it locks se- F. Eliminate magazine by advertise magazine release curely right into position. Switch on left side of weapon near magazine. .. .. Then make certain chamber is clean by workingB. Usrng cockrng lug on left side of receiver, pull cocking lug bock and also forth two or 3 times. Bolt back to the excessive rear position. Then rom bolt forward, chambering first round. If bolt REMEMBER, guns do not couse accidents. Is not pulled all the way bock, round will not PEOPLE cause ACCIDENTS. Chamber.C. CAUTION: Weapon is now activated and also ready notification to fire. Placed ON safety and security by pushing safety but- Round have to be chambered from newspaper ton from right to left as much as it will go. Do not effort to chamber a round by dropping one into the chamber (extractor will not operate)2. Firing Procedure should chamber indigenous magazine.D. Take safety and security off by pushing the security button notice from left to ideal as much as it will go. To store bolt in open position, pull back and outE. Target rifle and also pull trigger. The Commando note on cocking lug till cocking lug seats into locking III will fire as fast as you have the right to pull the trigger. Notch. (It is essential to chamber first round just as stated in article B) each time you pull the cause the Commando mark III will fire, climate eject the an alert spent cartridde, and then chamber an additional To close bolt indigenous this position, press cocking lug round, all set to fire again. Straight in.

Fieldstrip Procedure for Oiling and also Cleaning1. Remove front and rear disassembly screws (24 additional disassembly may be essential for com- and 27) as displayed below. More disassembly plete cleaning and oiling of recipient assembly. That the trigger housing parts not necessary, as all 2. Eliminate rear sight screw (12), making certain to components in create housing have the right to be oiled and also clean- organize rear plug (10). It has bolt return spring ten- ed in ~ this time. Sion on it. This will enable you to eliminate all parts inside receiver because that oiling and also cleaning. Disassem- ble and also re-assemble together per drawing below. , '_to ~ '" 22 ~14 i C~ : 1-- -~ OIL i L~ 20 -r}. -- ------ -- ---- ,I" / /~/J ' I-- ns 1 ns 1 ns I i I ns I ~~ 10--

PARTS and also PRICE list PLEASEORDER through NUMBER1. Recipient $21.50 25. Share ,, $12.002. Front sight 5.50 26. Stock Retaining Screw 1.753. Flash Hider 6.50 27. Behind DisassemblyScrew 2.254. FrontSightScrew .25 28. Clip ReleaseButton m 1.255. Speed Hider Screws(2) ea. .25 29. Clip release Spring 1.00 6. CoalingVent 11.00 30. Clip ReleaseShaft m 1.75 7. Coaling Vent Screws(2) m ea. .55 31. Clip ReleaseButtonPin .75 8. HorizonalGrip m 7.50 32. Safety switch m 3.25 9. Horizonal fixed Screw .75 33. Safety stop 1.2510. RearReceiverCap 4.75 34. Clip Release___m mmm 1.5011. Rear sight 3.75 35. Clip ReleaseLink 2.2512. Rear vision Screw mmm_m mm .75 36. Sear Activator m mm 4.7513. Bolt m___18.75 37. Sear Activator pen _m 1.5014. Cocking Lug m mm 2.75 38. Cause m 4.5015. Extractor pin .50 39. Create Pin m 1.5016. ExtractorSpri~g m_m m .50 40. Disconnect or Interrupter 7.7517. Extractor 1.50 41. Sear m 7.7518. Firing pen ...m m ._ 5_75 42. Sear and also Disconnector spring m 2.5019. Shooting Pin spring m 3.75 43. Sear and Disconnector pen .- 1.5020. Firing pen Spring_Retainer m m 3.00 44. Safety and security Tension feather m 2.2521. Buffer ,, 1.25 45. Cause Return feather 1.7522. Bolt Return spring 4.75 46. Safety and Trigger Spring's pin , 1.50 I23. Trigger Housing m 27.50 47. Clip or magazine m 7.7524. Prior Disassembly Screw 1.75 48. Barrel 22.50 ) m Prices room subject to change without notice STATEMENT that LIABILITY: This Commando note III Rifle is clossified as a attention weapon, and is sold by us through the express expertise that us assume no liabilities because that its resale or safe handeling un. Der local or nationwide laws and or regulations. Volunteer Enterprises assumes no duty for physics injury or residential property damage, result from one of two people intentional or occidental discharge, or because that the duty of any kind of rifle topic to influence beyond their control and will honor no insurance claims which may result from care- much less handeling, innocuous adjustments, defective or not correct ammunition, corrosion or neglect. Because that your security MAKE certain you study your note III in ~ time the purchase. Climate fill out ond letter promptly the guarantee on last web page of this brochure.

~Disassembly that the Commando note III as displayed be short is for parts identification only and also is no RE-COMMENDED for owners to effort to disassemble weapon to this extent.

, THECOMMANDO note III GUARANTEEThis Commando note III Rifle is guaranteed for a duration of 1 year to the initial owner, providedthat it has actually been provided reasonable care and has not been tampered with.Any component found defective will be replaced, if returned to the manufacturer, transportaton prepaid,provided the the defect is a result of imperfection in manufacture, and not a result of regular wear,improper taking care of or transportation damage. This warranty is restricted to the replacement of defec-tive parts and only come the original purchaser. SELL!NG DEALERCHECK v YOUR selling DEALER for INFORMATION around FREEWARRANTY service FROM THE MANUFACTURER. NameNOTICE: The Commando note III .45 Caliber design Rifle is designed come St. Addressshoot Semi-Automatic, and also is marketed as a Semi-Automatic Weapon only. Alter-ing of any type of port will certainly void this guarantee, and person responsible for altering Citywill be subject to start by local and Federal government under the Na-tional and also or Federal weapons Laws.

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1.- THIS PORTIONMUST BEFILLEDIN and also MAILEDTO THE MANUFACTURERBY THE SELLINGDEALERWITHIN 5 work AFTERPURCHASEOR THE ABOVEGUARANTEEIS AUTOMATICALLYVOID. NO WORKWILL it is in DONEON any COMMANDOMARK III IF THIS PORTIONOF THE GUARANTEEIS no ON FILEWITH THE MANUFACTUR- ns I ER PRIORTO RECEIVINGWEAPON for REPAIR. Ns I ns , Name store Where to buy If i Mr.-Mrs.-Miss Age_ I- 1'0 deal with of store I E ns City State 1"'0 City State , c: 0 deal with I i CII .. Ns CII · Dealer F.F.L. Number ,.I:. Date of purchase ) ns .9- purchase Price 1- IU Caliber Serial No. Ns I ns Did you receive weapon in good condition? i I This warranty does not cover abuse, neglect, improper oper- i I ation, tampering by not authorised personnel or damage in- advertently led to by the user. In all situations of in-transit Signature that Purchaser i I ns damage, a claim must be filed v the carrier. IP , Signature of offering Dealer- ns I letter TO ns I VOLUNTEER ENTERPRISES, INC. I P. O. Box 12198 Clinton Highway THIS insurance VOID IF no SIGNED i , Knoxville, Tennessee 37912 by BOTH DEALER and also PURCHASER i I i I ns I ns I
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