A road trip from san Francisco to ras Vegas is rather a large undertaking as the drive is fairly long and spans numerous terrains ranging from plains to mountains to desert.

Most people would opt to travel this course by plane. But by doing so they would miss out on out on the amazing adventures, detours left and right and also some the the most stunning landscapes you"re ever before likely to see.

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The road expedition from san Francisco to ras Vegas have the right to be excellent in simply 8 hrs 30 minutes complying with the interstates with Bakersfield. Rather you need to take 2 come 3 days acquisition the scenic course through Yosemite and also Death Valley nationwide Parks.

To help you plan your trip, I"ve put together a overview of everything you must know prior to embarking ~ above this journey.

The unique sand and also rock formations in Zabriskie suggest are one of many amazing landscapes in fatality Valley.
If you setup on driving at the optimal of the summer, lug plenty that water, make certain your aircon is functioning well and also avoid security time outside throughout the middle of the day as it will certainly be unbearably hot.

Also keep in mind that together it"s a hugely renowned destination, Yosemite valley can obtain congested end the summer months. If you"re looking to prevent crowds, late spring and also early fall can be the ideal time to take it the trip.

Although you"ll need to take a detour in the winter as result of road closures (see more in the course section above), day-to-day highs in the fatality Valley in December are a balmy 40 come 65°F, and also the see of Wildrose Canyon this time that year is absolutely gorgeous. Nighttime short can obtain pretty cold so bring blankets and also warm clothes!

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