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TypeFederal reserve Note
Seal VarietiesLight Green, Dark Green, Brown
Signature Varieties1. Julian - Morgenthau
Varieties12 banks Issued Notes: 1. Atlanta2. Boston3. Chicago4. Cleveland5. Dallas6. Kansas City7. Minneapolis8. Brand-new York9. Philadelphia10. Richmond11. Mountain Francisco12. St. Louis
Star Notes25 ranges with Star Serial Numbers.

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Mules12 Varieties have actually mule plates. Back required because that identification.
See AlsoIf your note doesn\"t match try:1. 1934 $20 WW2 Brown Seal2. 1934A $20 WW2 Brown Seal3. 1929 $20 National financial institution Notes4. 1934A $20 commonwealth Reserve Note5. 1934B $20 federal Reserve Note6. 1934C $20 federal Reserve Note
Example RaritySan Francisco FRN with \"Hawaii\" Surcharge, seal and signatures, signatures Julian - Morgenthau through Brown seal. Important: Star serial number. Comment: Solid collectible potential. Notes around Uncirculated or far better value come $2000. 1
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Appraisals have the right to be estimated for wholesale and retail prices. All is what dealers generally pay. Retail is what a collector could pay. Sleeve is slightly greater in many cases.

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