Because of this, it is just one of the very popular and also affordable US series to collect. An excellent news as it creates a big demand for your coin indigenous those assembling sets.

A collecting demand that proceeds to obtain stronger for the better quality 1890 pennies. Hobbyist along with coin dealers are always searching because that these old pennies in the finest condition possible. If a close watch at your coin finds details within the feathers this confirms higher 1890 Indian head penny value.

Pictured is a peak quality example, the an outcome of careful handling, this choice 1890 coin is easily worth end $40. Just listed below the worth chart are images and also descriptions to compare your coin, providing you an idea of how collectors check out its condition.

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1890 Indian Head coin ValueCondition the CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1890 Indian Head Penny value Updated2021
1890 $1.80 $3 $11 $42

1890 Pennies room Collectible in all Conditions

Pictured is an excellent 1890 penny obviously housed in elite collections since minted. End the years only transferring property from one peak quality set to the next. To the credit transaction of all the collectors involved they preserved this coin in gem condition.

Seldom space pennies the this problem rarity readily available to the market. When it became easily accessible in a David Lawrence rarely coin auction many specialist turned out to ar bids. The last price to include a gem 1890 Indian coin to their repertoire was $799.

A pleasing original fiery red and also yellow gold still consist of both the obverse and also reverse. Including to its peak quality condition is the practically total absence of marks on the coin. Clearly the luster and also surface characteristics were a perfect complement to one collector. Values of pristine 1890 pennies regularly reach right into the hundreds of dollars, yet your 1890 in any condition is still considered a collectible.


Added value Depending on condition

Judging a coin’s state of preservation is recognized as "grading" by dealers and also collectors. Just how well your coin has survived and the quantity of wear identify value. Noticeable attributes separate the varying degrees of possible wear, the differences are highlighted below.


Uncirculated: All the features of a brand-new penny remain. The initial mint luster is unbroken through no wear come the coin. Toning come a light brown is feasible however rotating the coin under a irradiate reveals undisturbed luster underneath. Examine the highest areas for indicators of wear. The first to exhibit abrasions is hair over the eye and curls behind her neck.


Extremely Fine: Sharply defined details, including the boy elements, specify an Indian coin in "extremely fine" condition. Looking very closely at the head tape the letter in Liberty are completely separated native the defining lines of the band. Wear is present, however all parts are bold. Her coin should stand the end as an extremely pleasing to the eye and also highly detailed.


Fine: Noticeable are components of the hair and also headband have actually worn to the point of merging. Feather details are absent at the ends. Her cheek no much longer is rounded. In spite of this moderate wear her 1890 penny still has a satisfaction look.

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Good: Heavy stay has diminished the portrait to nearly a level silhouette. The headband and also hair above the eye room no much longer separated, hair curls along her neck and also ribbon space merged. Regardless of its worn appearance your coin is popular amongst collectors and 1890 Indian head coin value suggests a solid demand.