What Is a graphics Organizer and also How Is it Used?

A graphic organizer is a research-based tool that gives learners through a visual representation of information, concepts, or ideas.

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Graphic organizers are often used to help children understand what they space reading. Castle can likewise be offered toorganize details in order to arrangement for a composing assignment or an oral presentation; or to take it notes while listening to a lecture.

How deserve to Graphic Organizers help Students?

Students who have difficulty with analysis comprehension, writing, note-taking, or focusing throughout lectures can use graphic organizers to assist keep the details organized, making it an ext concrete and therefore less complicated to understand and remember.

Even student without difficulties can use graphic organizers to visually see just how the information connects. It deserve to really it is in a helpful tool for anyone searching for a concise visual depiction of information. Additionally, for some students, a visual depiction is less complicated for lock to recognize than a linguistic one.

Also, once a college student takes notes utilizing a graphic organizer the notesare stood for in such a way that makes themeasy to refer to at a later time, for useas a study overview or rapid refresher of formerly learned information.

6 species of graphics Organizers

Below space six types of graphic organizers with certain examples for just how to use each one come facilitate reading comprehension, reporting info (written or spoken), listening, and also note-taking.

(Blank execution of these six graphic organizers, have the right to be uncovered in the resources section of our site. You deserve to print them out and also use them v your boy or students).

1-Web graphic Organizer

A internet graphic organizer is frequently used to perform ideas, facts, attributes and/or traits concerned a single topic.

See an instance below.

Common characteristics around dogs:

Once the Web Graphic Organizer is fill in, students deserve to report details (through composing or speaking) using the note from the web.

To illustrate, here is a composing sample using the perfect Web graphic Organizer above: Dogs space furry pets with four legs. Dogs require exercise and like to go for walks. They likewise like obtaining petted.

Here room three methods to gather details for a Web graphic Organizer.

1) A classroom teacher or parental can draw a Web graphic Organizer ~ above a plank or item of file and fill it in based on information the he/she recently presented (through analysis aloud, lecture, video, etc) to she student(s). The teacher/parent can additionally ask the student(s) questions about what they learned and also use their answers to to fill in the Web.

For example, if a teacher simply read a i to her class around dogs she could verbally state and then to fill in dog attributes herself as her students clock or she could ask concerns to the class(e.g., tell me a characteristic the we simply learned about dogs) and also fill in theWeb with the answers listed by her student(s). She could likewise do a combination of the two, filling in some circles on her own and some based on students answers. You may want to do a mix to carry out assistance if students room struggling come remember the information.

2) Students can take notes by filling in aWeb graphic Organizer together they read, listen, or watch a video about a topic. As soon as they recognize what the object is they deserve to fill in the middle circle. As they proceed to read, listen, watch, etc. They deserve to fill in the external circles as they come across a characteristic, trait, fact, idea etc. Related to the topic. For example, a student is listening come his teacher talk around dogs and needs to take notes. Very first he labels the within circle “dogs.” together she mentions different characteristics about dogs, he filling in the outer circles.

3) Students deserve to fill in aWeb simply based on their own knowledge of a topic, also if no text was read and also nothing was newly learned. Because that example, if a student currently knows about dogs, the can finish aWeb graphic Organizer based on that knowledge.

2-Venn Diagram Graphic Organizer

A Venn Diagram is offered to compare information. In the example below whales and also guppies are contrasted to every other. Whale qualities are provided on the left and also guppy attributes on the right. In the middle, shared qualities are displayed.


Once the Venn Diagram is to fill in, students have the right to report details (through writing or speaking) utilizing the note from the diagram. Here is an instance of a paragraph utilizing the filled in Venn Diagram above:

Whales and also guppies have distinctions but additionally share characteristics. Whales and guppies both live in water, swim, and also have tails. 2 differences in between whales and also guppies space that whales space mammals, if guppies space fish, and also whales are an extremely large, when guppies are an extremely small.

Here space three methods to gather details for a Venn diagram:

1) A great teacher or parent can attract a Venn diagram on a board or piece of paper and fill it in based on information the he/she newly presented (through analysis aloud, lecture, video, etc) to she student(s). The teacher/parent can also ask the student(s) questions about what they learned and also use your answers to fill in the Venn Diagram.

2) Students deserve to take note by pour it until it is full in a Venn diagram together they read, listen or, watch a video in which details is presented about two different topics. An initial they have to label each circle (e.g., whales, guppies) and also the middle an are (shared characteristics) as shown in the instance above. Following they should get in information as they come across it. ~ reading, listening, watching, etc. They can look at the details they have written under in the right and left circles and also write the similarities in the middle space.

Sometimes the details for the Venn chart can come from two various sources. For example, a student have the right to read Romeo and also Juliet and fill in main plot points native the beat in the left circle, then watch West next Story and also fill in main plot points from the movie in the ideal circle. Climate the student would certainly list comparable plot point out in the middle space.

3) Students deserve to fill in a Venn Diagram based on their own expertise of any two subject they want to compare, also if they had actually not newly been teach or read about the topics. Because that example, a student might compare baseball to football simply based upon her own knowledge, or human being to dogs, etc.

3-Hamburger graphic Organizer

AHamburger graphics Organizer have the right to be supplied to collect essential points from a story (fiction or non-fiction), lecture, play, movie, etc., in sequential or chronological order. As soon as the information is collected it have the right to serve as an rundown for a paragraph, essay or speech. The hamburger is an extremely helpful for writing or speech preparation due to the fact that it allows students to clearly see the main points in an arranged fashion, helping them visualize the order of their upcoming written occupational or speech. This is especially useful for students who have actually trouble organizing information and also planning the bespeak of just how they will existing the information.

Similar come the graphics organizers above:

teacher/parents have the right to fill in the information from a story, lecture, etc., together students watchteachers/parents deserve to ask student questions around the story, lecture, etc. And also fill in their answers in the box (providing lock with help when needed)students deserve to fill in the details in a hamburger graphic organizer themselves, together they hear to, watch, or check out informationstudents can fill in the information based upon their expertise of a story, lecture, etc. They have heard in the paststudents have the right to use the information plugged right into the hamburger graphics organizer to generate sentences for a paragraph, essay, or upcoming speech

Here i will current a short story and also fill in theHamburger graphic Organizer with main points from the story. Then ns will display how to use the outline from theHamburger to write a paragraph around the short story in my own words.

Story:Michael’s birthday party to be on Saturday. He gained so numerous presents that didn’t know what to do.His toy chest, closet, and also drawers were currently all filled up and he didn’t understand where to put his brand-new toys and clothes. His brand-new stuff was almost everywhere his room and his mom kept comes in and telling that to uncover a place to placed it.

Michael to be so frustrated the he made decision to take a break and look v his old baseball cards in the garage. While that was out there, that saw some of his playthings from when he was in preschool. That was when he gained his large idea.

Michael inquiry his mommy if he could donate his old toys to other kids who walk not have a lot of toys. She stated “Yes.” currently he would have room for every one of his brand-new toys and clothes.


Now I will certainly illustrate exactly how to create a paragraph in my very own words around the brief story above using the key points in the Hamburger.

A boy called Michael had actually a date of birth party ~ above Saturday and got a lot of presents. Michael didn’t understand what come do because he had no room for every one of his new toys and also clothes, however his mom kept informing him to discover somewhere to placed them.

Michael acquired frustrated and also needed a break. He entered the garage to look at his old baseball cards. Michael observed his old toys from preschool when he was in the garage.

He request his mother if he could donate the playthings to other children and she stated he could. Now Michael had room for his new toys and also clothes.

While this example illustrates creating a paragraph, one essay deserve to be created from a Hamburger as well. For example, if a student built up several clues (from a book, lecture, movie, etc.) in each section of the Hamburger, each section would be an outline or guide, for the paragraphs that the essay.

A Hamburger graphic Organizer could also be offered to actually create the essay itself. For example, if you wanted your college student or son to create a five paragraph essay, they might put the opening paragraph in the “beginning” section, the three middle paragraphs in the “middle” sections through one i in each section, and also the concluding i in the “end” section. When the essay is finish in the Hamburger graphic Organizer, it can be moved to blank paper.

You can draw a Hamburger graphic Organizer yourself, make as countless “boxes” as you want and also as huge as girlfriend want. Because that example, if you want a college student to write a seven paragraph essay, you might draw the top and also bottom bun of the hamburger and also five big middle spaces.

4-Story hill Map graphic Organizer

AStory hill Map functions very an in similar way to a Hamburger graphics Organizer and also information for theStory mountain Map have the right to be accumulated in the same means that information is collected for theHamburger .

However,Story hill Maps are mostly used to highlight certain points of a fictitious story (or movie). Since fictional story often develop up to a main trouble or conflict and also then drop ago down together the systems unfolds, story hill maps are regularly used to show this rise and also fall, through the climax of the story gift at the height of the mountain.

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Students can additionally be command to look because that the answer to certain questions once completing aHamburger or Story mountain Map. See an example of a completedStory mountain Map below(using the exact same story about Michael’s birthday party) with specific questions to guide the student.