In i m sorry of the following cases would an object be accelerated?I. It move in a right line at continuous speed. II. That moves v uniform circular motion.III. It travels as a projectile in a gravitationalfield v negligible wait resistance.(A) ns only(B) III only(C) I and II only (D) II and III only(E) I, II, and III

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A ball falls straight down v the wait under the affect of gravity. There is a retarding force F on the round with magnitude given by F = bv, whereby v is the rate of the ball and also b is a confident constant. The magnitude of the acceleration a the the ball at any time is equal to i m sorry of the following?(A) g−b(B) g−bv(C) g+bv/m(D) b/g(E) bv/ m
An best spring obeys Hooke"s law, F = - kx. A mass of 0.50 kilogram hung vertically native this spring stretches the spring 0.075 meter. The worth or the force constant for the spring is most nearly(A) 0.33 N/m (B) 0.66 N/m (C) 6.6 N/m (D) 33 N/m (E) 66 N/m
The figure over shows a turbulent semicircular monitor whose ends room at a vertical elevation h. A block put at allude P in ~ one finish of the track is exit from rest and also slides previous the bottom the the track. I m sorry of the complying with is true that the height to i m sorry the block rises ~ above the various other side the the track?A) the is same to h/2π .(B) it is same to h/4.(C) it is equal to h/2.(D) the is equal to h.(E) the is between zero and also h, the precise height depends on how much energyis lost to friction
An thing is released from remainder on a planet that has actually no atmosphere. The object drops freely because that 3.0 meter in the first second. What is the size of the acceleration because of gravity ~ above the planet?(A) together .5 m/s2(B) 3.0 m/s2 (C) 6.0 m/s2(D) 10.0 m/s2(E) 12.0 m/s2
If Spacecraft X has twice the fixed of Space- craftY,thenwhatistrueaboutX andY?I) top top Earth, X experiences double the grav- itational pressure that Y experiences;II) top top the Moon, X has actually twice the weight of Y;III) Whenbothareinthesamecircularorbit, X has twice the centripetal acceleration of Y .1. Ns only2. III only3. I, II, and also III4. I and II only5. II and also III only
two pucks are attached through by a stretched spring on a frictionless surface ar as shown above The pucks are then released concurrently If puck I has three times the mass of puck II i beg your pardon of the complying with quantities is the very same for b oth pucks together the spring pulls the two pucks toward each othera Speedb Velocityc Accelerationd size of inert e Kinetic energy
The 2 spheres pictured above have same densities and are subject just to their shared gravitational attraction. Which of the complying with quantities must have actually the exact same magnitude because that both spheres? (A) Acceleration (B) Velocity (C) Kinetic energy (D) Displacement native the center of mass (E) Gravitational force

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