I"ve learned that two and three space not only two continually numbers, but are likewise two consecutive prime numbers. How is this possible? i think I"m on the right track in the complying with text: The numbers two and three are prime numbers due to the fact that they both have actually two factors: $1$ and itself and also the various other numbers divisible through two room all composite, therefore these room the only prime numbers that room consecutive. Go this assist you or am ns on the ideal track? Answer either of this questions, too, and I"d love come hear a scream from you about what friend know!


Out that every two consecutive number one will always be even. There is just one also prime number.

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Whether there space an infinite number of pairs that primes which differ by 2 (the pair prime conjecture) is still open e.g. $3,5; 41, 43; 101,103$. A significant amount of progress has actually been made recently, but a new idea is most likely to be required to cracked the problem.


Since 2 is the just prime even number, It"s feasible because the next even number, 4, is a composite number, as is every single even number ~ that due to the fact that they room all same divisible by 2. Since of all the also numbers beginning with 4 space composite, it"s impossible to have actually two much more prime consecutives. Or another way to to speak it is that as soon as you identify a prime number, it"s guarantee that the number immediately preceding it, and the number succeeding it are going to it is in composite.


2 and also 3 are only consecutive element numbers together 2 is the only even prime number and after the each continually pair includes one even and also another weird number.


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present that if $p_1^4 + \cdots + p_31^4$ is divisible through $30$, then three consecutive primes are contained
are there arbitrarily long prime gaps in which each number has at least three unique prime factors?

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