Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups room famously marketed as “two great tastes the taste an excellent together”. Follow to a new study by the client satisfaction experts at J.D. Strength & Associates, so room customer organization via society media and social marketing.

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Tricia Morris at organization 2 ar provided terrific overview of the inaugural J.D. Power and Associates society Media Benchmark Study. Tricia notes:

“…brands that deserve to both to walk the walk and talk the talk (deliver efficient service and also produce reliable marketing) on society media are relocating ahead that the pack in regards to satisfaction scores, steering purchasing decisions and also attracting a new generation the customers.”

The study is based upon responses from more than 23,000 U.S. Digital consumers who have interacted with a agency via society media and also measures the as whole consumer experience (marketing and also customer service) of more than 100 U.S. Brands across six significant industries: airlines, auto, banking, credit card, telecom and also utilities.

How far-ranging is the correlation between great social media organization experiences, strong social marketing and likelihood to acquisition something native a brand? pretty significant.

Of the consumers determined as extremely satisfied through both a brand’s marketing and service delivery, 87% say their online social communication with the agency “positively impacted” the likelihood that they’ll purchase from that brand.

What else can we find out from the J.D. Strength report?

For Younger Visitors, company Interactions space a Brand’s former Door ~ above Social

Consumers 18 come 29-years-old are much more likely to use a brand’s social media website for servicing interactions (43%) 보다 for marketing (23%)If your brand is aimed in ~ that demographic or heavily relies upon it, your customer organization teams and also training on properties likes Twitter and Facebook must be strongIf castle not, invest in them. Now. Because…67% the the an ext than 23,000 consumer surveyed had used a company’s social media website for servicing

Your ideal Social Marketing customer May be over 50

38% that those 50 and also older communicate with a brand’s social media website for marketingOnly 18% 50 and older use social media for customer serviceMost society marketers aim content and engagement toward an audience they presume is young, however this examine demonstrates the considering a more mature voice in society marketing might pay off

Generation X Expects Both Customer company & Marketing Via Social

For consumers ages 30 to 49, usage of society media because that marketing and servicing is separated straight increase the center (39% because that each)

Where have the right to I uncover some instances of brands doing both client service and marketing fine via social?

Keeping in mind that the study just examined brand in six industries (airlines, auto, banking, credit card, telecom and also utilities), below are the ones that were figured out as having actually a solid balance that both society marketing and social client service:

Airline Industry: Southwest Airlines and Virgin AmericaAuto Industry: Ford and also ToyotaBanking: Capital One/Chevy Chase, ChaseCredit Card: none listed for both service and marketingTelecom: none listed for both service and marketingUtilities: Florida strength & Light

Who do you like?

Virgin America.

Virgin Atlantic facebook Page


Because they do it worth your time come visit your properties. Because you go away emotion a little cooler for having done so. And because they’re leading the load in terms of technologically sophisticated, real time social customer service.

In regards to marketing, their content is fresh and valuable. It includes deals that deserve to save you or her friends some money and also travel and also brand updates that make flying with Virgin easier and also better.

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And talk around real-time customer company via social, earlier in October Virgin announced a revolutionary new system where customers could interact with the airline – and each other – via your in-flight entertainment solution to address “…real-time problems that need real-time answers”, according to the airline’s CEO David Cush.

Raymond Kollau v has actually an awesome outline of this same awesome looking, tech-forward social servicing device here.