Touched by an Angel
We, unaccustomed come courageexiles native delightlive coiled in shells the lonelinessuntil love pipeline its high holy temple and also comes right into our sightto liberate us right into life.Love arrivesand in the train come ecstasies

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old memory of pleasure. Ancient histories that pain.Yet if we space bold,love strikes away the chains of fearfrom our souls.We space weaned from our timidityIn the do the washing up of love"s lightwe dare be braveAnd suddenly we seethat love costs all us areand will ever before be.Yet the is only lovewhich sets us free.
Maya Angelou

Commentary:So, an initial of all, ns looked at the location of the poem. And, simply from the title itself, I can hypothesize a lot of things. First, I thought that the tone can be angelic and also calm. Second, I could figure the end the main idea that the poem. I thought that it would talk about angels because the title read, " touch by one angel"After I review the poem, I assumed that it was a very soothing poem. That talks around love and also how it bring life right into us.In the first stanza, Maya Angelou claims that we room not accustomed to have actually courage and also that we live in loneliness until love comes right into our lives, and thus frees united state from the loneliness.In the 2nd stanza, Maya Angelou talks about what happens when love comes right into our lives. We start remembering great times we had prior to and likewise the bad times.In the third stanza, Maya Angelou claims that love takes away our fear.
Next, in the last stanza, Maya Angelou states that love additionally takes our our timidity. Once you autumn in love v a person, confidence starts yo grow between the two. Then, girlfriend will an alert that you have actually lost every the timidity you very first had when you fulfill him or her. That is what Maya Angelou must have actually meant as soon as she included this to she poem. In the end of the poem, Maya Angelou states love changes everything from us and we find out that only love can set us free. Love is whatever to us and without it we are nothing.When i analyzed the poem, I found that Maya Angelou used various figurative language to transmit to she audience her allude of watch on love.All throughout the poem, Maya Angelou offered personification. She says," ...until love leaves its high holy temple and also comes right into our sight to liberate us into life. Love is one idea, but it is no a human or a human. In this phrase, Maya Angelou is to express love choose if the is a human being being. Love can involved you, but in a sentimental way. Love have the right to not actually come in the direction of you. Likewise love can not liberate you choose a person would.Also, Maya Angelou states that love arrives in a train. As much as ns know, humans can arrive on trains, but not love or ideas. Lastly, Maya claims that love sets united state free. For these reasons, I believe Maya Angelou offered personification in this phrase. Overall, Maya Angelou offered personification in her whole poem due to the fact that she want to far better come across her suggest and because that her poem to be descriptive and engaging. By dealing with love together a person, she was much better able to describe what love does when it enters our lives.
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