Two—although us originally had four, because of our large geographic size. Alaska consolidated to two time area – Alaska Time and also Hawaii-Aleutian Time – in 1983 to placed our state capitol, Juneau, ~ above the same time zone together the much more populated Anchorage and also Fairbanks (and to do doing organization with providers in the lower 48 claims a little easier).

Most that the state is top top Alaska time – four hours behind our friends top top the eastern Coast. So, once it’s noon in new York, it’s only 8 to be in Alaska. If you’re travel from Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, or other West shore destination, you’ll have to change your clocks back one hour when you come in Alaska. (Fortunately, her phone must update automatically!)


Hawaii-Aleutian time is reserved for Alaska’s much western islands follow me the Aleutian chain. You’ll only have to adjust your watches to this time ar if you’re travel west of dutch Harbor.

We additionally observe Daylight savings Time, relocating our clocks front in spring and earlier in fall.

Interesting fact: The town of Hyder, in the within Passage, observes 2 time zones! Bisected by the U.S./Canada border, the town unofficially observes Pacific Time…except because that the U.S. Post Office. Together a U.S. Federal facility, the post office is officially on Alaska Time!

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