What Is The Wheel that Monotony?
The Wheel that Monotony is situated on the Tyrannian Plateau. The price to rotate the wheel is 150 Neopoints. You have the right to spin the wheel once every 24 hours. And also of course, you can only turn the wheel on your key account. during the save the wheel site occasion in July 2010, the Wheel that Monotony to be saved. The Wheel to be redrawn native its old version and also the prizes to be revised.
Since this is a site attribute that gives out neopoint rewards and prizes, you may not
visit the Wheel that Monotony on your side accounts. For more information look in ~ our next accounts guide.

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outcomes From The Wheel the Monotony There space 16 various spaces you deserve to land on as soon as spinning the wheel. Some are an ext common to get as a an outcome than others. Below we've made summary of all possible results. Wheel that Monotony results
Space Results
Volcano takes you come The Volcano, whereby you will certainly be greeted through the following message. The Volcano how did you find your method this far North?!!? you shouldn't have actually ventured past the Plateau... There are scary things to be uncovered up here! Go back now!
Green Codestone Symbol
receive a Bri Codestone.
Not bad! Was her prize worth the wait?
Bri Codestone
get a Battledome item.
Not bad! Was your prize precious the wait?
Flaming Gauntlet
Question Mark
obtain the Wheel of Monotony avatar.
Not bad! Was her prize precious the wait?
You got a lottery ticket! If you success the lottery you'll it is in Neomailed automatically!
Better luck next time. Come ago when you have actually a many time to kill.
your Neopet loses half their hit points!
Tyrannian paint Brush
get a Tyrannian repaint Brush. receive this an outcome and know what the text is? call us!
Light Faerie
These space in recommendation to the old Faerie Abilities. your pet's capability level is increased.
Not bad! Was your prize worth the wait? You obtained a Faerie blessing, which raised Petname's level in Spark!
That compensation is practically as boring together watching this Wheel spin. You would certainly have acquired a Faerie blessing, yet Petname has no abilities!
The Beast
once you go to collect the prize, you will certainly be directed right to The Beast without a post from the wheel.
You success a Mazzew petpet.

❘❙❚Monotony! Spend the work in Tyrannia…    ▔▔▔▔↻▔


❘❙❚Monotony! <>Spend the job in Tyrannia

Spinning in ~ Twenty-Four Hours
You deserve to only spin the wheel again 24 hrs after you've last accumulated your prize. If you try to execute so before that time has passed, the Tyrannian Quiggle will certainly tell you come come ago later.
The Wheel the Monotony
Wow, you should be really bored if you desire to rotate again. Perhaps you need to go watch part grass flourish for a while and also then come back.
Battledome Challenger there is a opportunity to be greeted by a brand-new Battledome Challenger, Magnus the Torch. This challenger is received once landing ~ above the volcano. View our Battledome Challenger overview for an ext information.
brand-new BATTLEDOME CHALLENGER!!! Magnus the Torchwill be waiting for girlfriend in the BATTLEDOME!!! life in the volcano northern part of Tyrannia, Magnus has actually possibly the most powerful and fiery breath of every Scorchios. Watch out for that breath if friend ever go into the Battledome v him.

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Skirmish war Wheel Boon
The ongoing Neopets event: Skirmish Battles, will certainly award specific boons if your team wins. One of those is dubbed Right ring Round Round. This boon enables you to spin every neopian wheel 2 times (Excitement, Extravagance, Knowledge, Mediocrity, Misfortune and also Monotony) before having to wait the usual time to spin again. It is available from a win from Brute Squad, The Seekers, or randomly Awakened.
Old Wheel of Monotony
prior to the save the Wheels site event, the Wheel that Monotony looked contempt different. However, the prizes you could win were an ext or much less the same. Below you deserve to see how the Wheel has actually transformed:

For more information about the Wheel of Monotony girlfriend can inspect the Neopedia. The Neopedia has actually a great article around the Wheel the Monotony. civicpride-kusatsu.net's related Graphics
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